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Rushi (ఋషి) 2012


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DirectorRaj Madiraju
ProducerRamesh Prasad
Music DirectorSnigdha, Don Chandran
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSurendranadh N.J, Vaangmay Saradhy, Akhila, Deepthi Senorita, Lipsika, Rocky Singh, Snigdha, Don, Neol, M.L.Gayatri, Suman, Chandran, Arvind Krishna
Character Actor/Actress
Arvind Krishna
Supriya Shailaja
Rushi (Aravind Krishna) is a no-nonsense medico who wears his heart on his sleeve. He is extremely practical in his thinking and never lets emotions cloud his thoughts. His frank nature is not appreciated by everyone but he soon wins the admiration of his colleagues and professors because of his brilliance. Rushi falls for his classmate Pooja (Supriya Shailja) and while she detests him at first, Pooja too falls for him over time.
Unexpected circumstances bring a severely ill kid Karthik (Gaurav) into the life of Rushi. As Rushi fights for the life of Karthik, he must overcome a challenge of his own. To what extent will Rushi go to save the life of Karthik? What is that personal challenge he needs to overcome? Will he be able to surmount the medical and legal issues that he faces?
Release Date10-February-2012

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