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Rowdy (రౌడీ) 2014

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Banner24 Frames Factory, AV Pictures
DirectorRam Gopal Varma
WriterRam Gopal Varma
ProducerR. Vijay Kumar, P. Gajendra Naidu, M. Parthasarathi Naidu
Music DirectorSai Karthik
CinematographySatish Muthyala
Film EditingSantosh Bammidi
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSai Karthik, Karthik, Swetha Mohan, Sai Charan, Sampath, Aditya, Divija Karthik, Hymath, Rajesh, Aparna, Damini, Mounima, Bindu, Aparna
AnnaMohan Babu
Gogin RaoRavi Babu
VedamTanikella Bharani
KrishnaVishnu Manchu
SirishaShanvi Srivastav
The film opens in a street in Hyderabad in a night with Krishna (Vishnu Manchu) saving Sirisha (Shanvi Srivastava) from some eve teasers and accompanying her to the hostel she stays. In the journey, they both come to know that they hail from Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh. When Sirisha asks Krishna about the details of his father, the scene shifts to the native place of Krishna where his father, a don fondly called as Anna (Mohan Babu) and as Annagaru with respect punishing a teacher named Sankar Rao for harassing his pregnant wife for dowry on the complaint of the woman's father Rama Rao. Anna is a sexagenarian man who always thinks about the welfare of the people of Rayalaseema and they too revere him equal to god. Anna is a very powerful and influential don who also controls the political affairs of that region. His friend Ananda Rao (Paruchuri Gopala Krishna), a ruling party politician, is his close friend and he and the party extends their full support to Anna to stop the Nandavaram project whose happening would destroy 34 villages completely. On the other hand, a group of influential people working under a mysterious man try to make the project to earn crores. The group consists of KR, Vedantham Murthy aka Vedam (Tanikella Bharani), Chandi (Jeeva) and Seshagiri who is fond of cakes.
Krishna visits his home when Anna kills his opponent Guruva Reddy (Banerjee) and appoints the dead man's henchmen as his henchmen by promising a little high salary. Then the family of Anna is introduced. Anna is survived by his wife Lakshmi (Jayasudha), elder son Bhushan (Kishore) and Krishna. Bhushan is married and has a kid but he never loved them and hates them to the core. Unlike Anna and his dutiful and devoted brother Krishna, Bhushan is a spoil brat often terrorizing people in the name of Anna creating fear in their hearts. When a young woman's brother warns Bhushan, Bhushan comes to their home and kidnaps the woman and conducts a sexual assault on her in his farm house. Bhushan, also because of his anger on his father apart from greed for money, joins hands with KR's group for formation of Nandavaram project. Meanwhile Krishna and Sirisha are deeply in love and Anna's trusted henchmen Ramudu finds out that she is Gavarraju's daughter. Gavarraju was Anna's enemy who was killed by Anna at Tirupathi during an assassination attempt. Though Sirisha is aware of it, she has no objection to join his family and Anna too respects Krishna's decision to marry her and accepts their alliance.
Meanwhile, Sirisha informs Krishna in their regular meeting that her friend is kidnapped and kept in Anna's farm house by Bhushan who trashed her brother recently. She also adds that none dared to convey the same to Anna because of Bhushan. Krishna tells the whole matter to Anna and when he finds the woman assaulted there, he apologizes to her and tells Ramudu to drop her in her home. And he house arrests Bhushan there forever to ensure safety of the innocent people. But on the request of Lakshmi, he lets him enter his house again. Later, Ramulu invites Anna and Lakshmi for attending his daughter's wedding and they accept it happily. However, Sirisha 's brother reveals to Krishna that Anna is going to be fatally attacked in the way. At the time of execution, firing starts on Anna's vehicles and in this confusion, Bhushan kills his wife and son and none knows that. Anna is severely injured and attacked by the rivals who are killed by Krishna. Anna is sent to the nearby hospital. Inspector Gogin Rao (Ravi Babu) asks Anna's men to get out of the hospital as the patients and their relatives are frightened seeing them carrying weapons. This results in a brawl between Krishna and Gogin Rao and the former is arrested for attacking a police while he is on duty.
However, it is later revealed that Gogin Rao is not as sincere as he appears and works for KR. Sirisha goes to police station and tells Krishna that Anna is going to be attacked again by the rivals' men. Krishna goes there and saves Anna from the goons. Later as both the plans are failed, Bhushan goes to the hospital carrying oranges to hospital and leaves soon. He keeps explosives inside them so that Anna dies because of a blast as suggested by KR and Vedam. Unfortunately, Lakshmi cuts them and blast occurs. Anna, who was in the way to the room conducting medical tests, collapses and understands what happened then. After Lakshmi's funeral is conducted, Krishna meets Anna and tells that KR, Chandi, Vedam, Seshagiri and Bhushan are the culprits and he adds that he would kill all of them. First he kills Seshagiri by feeding him a poisoned cake. He kills Chandi by locking him in a car filled with gas leading to suffocation. Vedam is murdered brutally and is hanged to a tree making it a suicide look alike. KR is shot dead. Later Krishna meets Bhushan, narrates Bhushan's plans and deeds to Bhushan himself and when he ffels guilty, Krishna calls him a mad dog and shoots him.
Finally during the death rituals of Lakshmi, the main one behind the group is revealed as Ananda Rao. His close associates hold more than 50% stake in Nandavaram project and with that money, he planned to shift to the opposition party and win the elections. Since Anna would oppose it, he wanted to murder him and joins hands with KR and his group. Krishna demands Anna that he would kill Ananda Rao. But Anna requests him and he himself murders Ananda Rao. The film ends with Anna conducting Lakshmi's death rituals and Krishna appointing Ananda Rao's gunmen as his henchmen promising a little higher salary like Anna did in the case of Guruva Reddy.
Release Date04-April-2014
Revenue₹ 33 crore (US $ 5.5 million)

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