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Rendella Tarvatha (రెండేళ్ళ తర్వాత) 2005

Rendella Tarvatha

Show details

BannerSurya Teja Films
ProducerB.V.S.R Chowdary
Music DirectorSeshu Kumar
CinematographyRamana Salva
Film EditingMohana Ramarao
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersNishma, Suresh Krishna, Gayatri, Mythili,Valisha Babji, Linus, Malavika
Character Actor/Actress
VamsiGopichand Lagadapati
GandamSarath Babu
KittuSreeram Gokul
Rendella tharuvatha is the story of three young men who follow their hearts. They always believe in the ideology that life could be adventurous in creating new paths rather than walking in the good old beaten path. These three choose the creative field as it could fill their creative thirst. In certain situation, they meet Malathi. Malathi falls in love with Kittu in the process. Looking at the creative dimension in these three guys, she introduces them to Gandam, who runs creative agency. Gandam is quite ebullient person and likes the creative approach in these three boys. Gandam already gathered many rivalries in the market because of the tough competition he gives to others. With these three guys joining the company it becomes highly impossible for others to sustain in the market. With company's rapid growth and success they all decide to party in an abandoned place far from city. All of them get fully drunk and slowly move into a nearby cemetery. Vamshi who is also a photographer plans a prank to fool Gandam. They all go into sleep only to find that Gandam is missing. The practical joke played by three guys misfires and they become the prime suspects behind the Gandam's missing case. How these three guys prove their innocence makes the rest of the story.
Release Date25-July-2005

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