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Ratchagan (ரட்சகன்) 1997

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DirectorPraveen Gandhi
WriterK.T. Kunjumon, Crazy Mohan
ProducerK. T. Kunjumon, Francis Joseph,
Production executive
Production Company
Music Director A.R. Rahman
CinematographyAjayan Vincent
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Sadhana Sargam , Anupama, Swarnalatha, Instrumental, Srinivas, Sukhwinder Singh , Hariharan, Gopal, Kavita Paudwal, Unnikrishnan, Harini, S.P.Balasubramanyam , K.S. Chithra , K.J.Yesudas , Sujatha
CharacterActor / Actress
Ajay Nagarjuna
SoniyaSushmita Sen
Ajay's father S.P.Balasubramanyam
SriramGirish Karnad
Ajay (Nagarjuna) is an unemployed youth who always gets into trouble because of his temper. This loud and angry young man gets heated up when he encounters anyone committing a crime; he takes the law into his own hands, beats them up and then gives them some free advice. Ajay’s father (S. P. Balasubrahmanyam), who works for a insurance firm, is very unhappy with his son’s attitude, and tries his best to change Ajay's attitude through a meditation expert but he fails in this matter as the expert suggests that Ajay's anguish is reasonable. Ajay meets Soniya (Sushmita Sen) through his father, and Soniya falls in love with him. What Soniya likes about Ajay is his temper and anger when he encounters anything which is against law. Soniya gets Ajay’s father's help to get Ajay to love her. Still, Ajay is not interested in her and seriously rejects her at first; but he later changes his mind after going through some unusual situations, and love blossoms between them.

Soniya’s father Sriram (Girish Karnad) is an industrialist who owns the Daewoo automotive manufacturing facility. He has no objection to his daughter’s relationship with Ajay, but has one condition: Ajay must become employed in his factory, control his temper for three months, and not get into any fight whatsoever, even if he encounters a crime happening in front of his eyes. If Ajay cannot do this he will not be allowed to marry Soniya. With a heavy heart Ajay agrees to the condition; Soniya's love for Ajay deepens and Sriram offers Ajay a job in his factory. Sriram actually has his own problems with his factory in loss; ten of his workers are working with his rival and younger stepbrother Gnaneswar (Raghuvaran), and they hamper the progress of his factory with frequent, pre-planned mishaps. This leads to the factory's property loss.

Gnaneswar is the son of Sriram's stepmother who gets deceived by Sriram and loses his share of his father's common business empire. Further, in unusual circumstances, Gnaneswar spends some years in jail and returns with a planned conspiracy and vengeance on his stepbrother Sriram. Gnaneswar is now trying to put Sriram out of business, so his ten men create havoc in the factory by killing old workers and ragging new workers. So when Ajay comes to work in Sriram’s factory, these ten men do the same to Ajay. Ajay keeps cool, trying to keep his promise to Sriram. But Sriram hopes otherwise; he wants Ajay to break the promise and beat up the ten men and throw them out of the factory. At the same time, Sriram hopes that the imminent marriage between Ajay and Soniya will be cancelled, since he does not want his daughter to get married to an angry street fighter like Ajay. So Sriram keeps on hoping that Ajay will somehow burst out.

When Ajay's father is murdered, he banishes the ten men from the factory. Meanwhile, Gnaneswar kidnaps Soniya and blackmails Ajay and Sriram that Soniya is going to kill herself (to save Ajay from Gnaneswar) and destroy Sriram's factory by bombarding it with a truck armed with a powerful Russian explosive. The rest of the film concerns the manner in which Gnaneswar spends his time in jail and develops his own business empire to crush Sriram, how Sriram's criminal deeds and false motives are exposed to his daughter, what happens to Easwar and Sriram's business empire, and how Soniya is rescued by Ajay.
Release date1987


Lyrics: Vaali, Vairamuthu | Music: A.R. Rahman

1. Mercury Pookal | மெர்குரி பூக்கள்     
Voice: Anupama, Swarnalatha

2. Poogum Vazhilel | போகும் வழிலேல்     
Voice: K.S. Chithra

3. Bombay Madras | பாம்பே மெட்ராஸ்     
Voice: Gobal, Kavita Paudwal

4. Chandirani Thotta | சந்திராணி தொட்ட     
Voice: Hariharan, Sujatha

5. Nenje Nenje | நெஞ்சே நெஞ்சே     
Voice: K.J.Yesudas , Sadhana Sargam

6. Kayil Mithakkum | கையில் மிதக்கும்     
Voice: Shreeni

7. Lucky Lucky | லக்கி லக்கி     
Voice: S.P.Balasubramanyam , Sukhwinder Singh , Swarnalatha

8. Soniya Soniya | சோனியா சோனியா     
Voice: Udit Narayan , Unni Krishnan, Harini

9. Theme Music (Instrumental) | தீம் மியூசிக்     

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