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Ranbanka (रणबंका) 2015

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BannerSerene Films, Vintage Movies
DirectorAryeman Ramsay
WriterShakir Ali
ProducerDasrath Singh Rathore, Suman Shukla, Ajay Yadav
Music DirectorSahil Rayyan
CinematographyHanif Danshe, Venkat Mahesh
Film EditingShekhar Koditkar
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSahil Rayyan, Desh Gaurav, Mohammed Irfan, Aniket, Sam, Madhavi Srivastav, Swati Rajput, Vishakha, Mamta Sharma, Anaya Abraham
Character Actor/Actress
RahulManish Paul
RaghavRavi Kishan
MlaRudra Kaushik
AyushAvya Agarwal
Navi Bhangu
KantuAvinash Dwivedi
PriyaPooja Thakur
Rahul Sharma (Manish Paul) who is an engineer working in Mumbai comes to Mathura, a city in Uttar Pradesh with his wife Priya (Pooja Thakur) and child Aayush. While entering the town, the driver tells him about the most feared man in Mathura, Raghav (Ravi Kishan) and that he should stay away from him in case they cross paths. Raghav sees Priya one day and falls in love with her. One night when Raghav comes to Priya's house, he demands that she must marry him or else he will kill her husband and child. Rahul tries to seek help from Raghav's brother and he tries his best to help him. But Raghav doesn't rest and kills Rahul's son.

A frustrated Priya tells a heartbroken Rahul to kill Raghav; his silence won't do anything. Rahul then turns into an angry man, and starts eliminating Raghav's men. One day, Raghav's friend Kantu kidnaps Priya and brings her to Raghav. But Priya cautions him to stop, otherwise he'll face his death. Seeing the chance, Rahul fires at Raghav, who in turn shoots a man named Madhav Ram, thinking his MLA brother had sent him to kill him. Enraged, he gets his brother killed in a blast. Later, Rahul reveals that it was he who had fired at him, and not Madhav Ram. Raghav then goes out to search for him. In the meanwhile, Rahul arrives on the spot to rescue Priya, and a fight follows between him and Kantu, in which Rahul kills Kantu, and heads to kill Raghav. A rough fight takes place between Rahul and Raghav, in which Raghav overpowers Rahul and nearly tries to kill him. But soon, Rahul's mind is filled with the pain of his son's loss, and his angers suddenly breaks out. He starts to fight again and this time overpowers Raghav. The film ends as Rahul cries along with Priya, after he kills Raghav.
Release Date6-November-2015

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