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Rama Krushnulu (రామ కృష్ణులు) 1978

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BannerAnnapurna & Jagapathi Pictures
DirectorV B Rajendhara Prasad
ProducerV B Rajendhara Prasad
Music DirectorK.V.Mahadevan
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersS.P.Balasubrahmanyam ,P.Susheela, Vani Jairam, V.Ramakrishna
Character Actor/Actress
Thota Ramudu is a poor gardener for the royal family in the kingdom of Ujjain. He falls in love with the princess Indumati. When the king gets to know about this, he snubs Thota Ramudu asking him to get the riches the princess deserves. To win her heart and to attain such wealth, he seeks the help of Nepala Mantrikudu who in turn wants to get hold of powerful Pathala Bhairavi statuette by using Thota Ramudu for ritual killing.

Smitten by the love bug, Thota Ramudu follows the treacherous Nepala Mantrikudu on a trying journey. Getting to know the perfidious intentions of Nepala Mantrikudu, the former tricks and beheads the latter instead. Thus Thota Ramudu achieves the Pathala Bhairavi statuette and the wealth that the king asked for.

When Nepala Mantrikudu regains his life with the help of his apprentice Sadaajapudu, he tricks Soorasena (King's brother-in-law) to get his hands on the statuette. Thota Ramudu finds Nepala Mantrikudu with the help of Anjigaadu and kills him when the Nepala Mantrikudu kidnaps the princess and the duo goes in her pursuit. The story ends with Pathala Bhairavi granting the wish of the king of eternal happiness to the people of his kingdom.
Release Date1978

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