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Rabhasa (రభస) 2014


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BannerSri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
DirectorSantosh Srinivas
WriterSantosh Srinivas
ProducerBellamkonda Suresh, Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu
Music DirectorS. Thaman
CinematographyShyam K. Naidu
Film EditingKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSimha, Sooraj, Nivas, Deepthi Madhuri, Manasa Acharya, Pavani, Srikrishna, Deepu, Bindu, Parnika, Karthik, Megha, Suchith Suresan, NTR Jr
KarthikJr. NTR
InduSamantha Ruth Prabhu
BhagyamPranitha Subhash
Karthik's MotherJayasudha
Karthik's FatherNassar
Gangi ReddyNagineedu
Peddi ReddyJaya Prakash Reddy
Karthik's FriendAli
DhanunjaySayaji Shinde
Obul ReddyAjay
Dhanunjay's HenchmanRaghu Babu
Karthik returns to India after completing his graduation in the United States and his mother decides to get him married to her brother Dhanunjay's daughter Indu. When Karthik's father goes to Dhanunjay's house to ask the same, he gets insulted. Dhanunjay plans to be a Mayor and Karthik decides to teach him a lesson and marry his daughter. Firstly, he kills the possibilities of Dhanunjay turning a Mayor. Later he joins Indu’s college to somehow convince her for the marriage where he encounters Bhagyam who falls in love with him whom he misunderstood as Dhanunjay's daughter. Conflicts rise between Karthik and Indu which builds their rivalry. By the time he comes to know that Indu is his cousin and not Bhagyam, he broke up with Bhagyam because of Indu's revenge.

Karthik ends up challenging Dhanunjay who then approaches a gangster Obul Reddy. Indu acts as if she loves Karthik so that she can escape from there and find her lover whom she never saw. That person helped her friend elope with her lover on the night of her marriage and neither Indu nor that person knows each other's features and looks. On seeing Karthik's photograph, Obul Reddy asks his whereabouts as he was that person who helped his brother's fiancée who actually was Indu's friend who eloped with her lover that night. Meanwhile Karthik and Indu escape from there and on knowing her love story, Karthik decides to help her and gives up his word given to his mother. Meanwhile Karthik saves Peddi Reddy from Gangi Reddy's men and Indu poses as Karthik's lover who eloped with him as her parents did not approve their marriage and also a gangster is looking for them. As an act of gratitude, Peddi Reddy takes them to their house where they are kept in safe custody. But shockingly they find out that Obul Reddy is Peddi Reddy's son and Indu's friend actually was Gangi Reddy's daughter.

The person who helped Gangi Reddy's daughter that night from her marriage was Karthik himself and he is unaware that the person who spoke to him in a phone to help that girl was Indu. Indu is unaware that Karthik was that person whom she loves. Dhanunjay uses this situation and introduces Nandu as that person who actually is the son of a rich millionaire with whom Indu's marriage was planned by him. Obul Reddy and his brothers bring a liar named Raju and misrepresent him as the person who helped the bride run away that night. But he is not killed instantly as the bridegroom, Obul Reddy's brother who is in the state of coma due to Karthik actually, has to kill him once he recuperates. He is cheated on several occasions by Karthik who meanwhile manages to create a good impression in Indu when he unites Gangi Reddy and Peddi Reddy thus rescheduling the marriages, and saves Nandu from Peddi Reddy when he broke the house's ancestral statue by taking the blame himself. Indu proposes Karthik to marry her and declares that she cannot live without him.

But he is not in a position to accept her proposal as Dhanunjay warned him before that if he makes Indu fall in love, he would reveal that Karthik helped Gangi Reddy's daughter to escape thus breaking the newly formed bond between the two families. Thus he rejects her proposal and sacrifices his love for the welfare of the two families. After an unexpected fight, with Obul Reddy, Karthik is confronted by Peddi Reddy and Gangi Reddy who now know the truth. They forgive him and the marriage of Peddi Reddy's daughter happens as scheduled with Karthik and Indu getting married in the presence of their parents on the same day at the same venue. The families of Gangi Reddy and Peddi Reddy are united and all are happy except Dhanunjay.
Release Date29-August-2014
Budget₹30 crore (US$4.5 million)
Revenue₹37.5 crore (US$5.6 million)

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