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Private Master (ప్రైవేటు మాస్టర్) 1967

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BannerD B N Films
ProducerT.Rama Murthy Sharma, K.L.Veera Raju, B.H.V.Chalapathi Rao
Music DirectorK.V.Mahadevan
Film EditingT.Krishna
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersGhantasala, P.Susheela, S. Janaki, P. Nageswara Rao
Anjali Devi
Anjali Devi
M Balaiah
Gummadi is a wealthy man. He has two daughters. His father is Relangi. Gummadi loves his elder daughter Sundari (Kanchana) dearly and appoints a Private Master (Ram mohan) for tuition at home. Krishna (Krishna) wanted to become very rich and is prepared to do anything with the help of his friends Vijayalalitha and Chalam. During the private tuitions Sundari and teacher started loving each other. They decided to marry with the permission of their elders. Krishna traps Gummadi and wanted to become his son-in-law. There is a friction between the family members. Gummadi is ready to forget he help from the father of Private Master and decides to marry Sundari with Krishna. Grandfather Relangi helps Sundari and Private Master to marry in a Temple. To ease the tension and save the family prestige, her sister Sukanya convinces Krishna for marrying her. Gummadi sends Sundari out of home. They live happily in poverty, while Krishna gradually making money. Finally Grandfather with the help of Private master and Sundari exposes Krishna and his friends and the film ends happily.
Release Date14-September-1967

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