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Prague (प्रआगे) 2013

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BannerGlamour Struck Productions Pvt. Ltd. & VIP Movies Ltd.
DirectorAshish R Shukla
WriterAshish R Shukla
ProducerRohit Khaitan, Sunil Pathare
Music DirectorAtif Afzal
CinematographyUday Mohite
Film EditingMeghana Manchanda Sen
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Atif Afzal, Neha Kakkar, Marrianne Dcruz, Suryaveer Hooja, Daniella Fotju, Ballygrunge, Nikhil Paul George, Suraj Jagan, Gioconda Vessichelli
ChandanChandan Roy Sanyal
ElenaElena Kazan
ArfiArfi Lamba
GulshanKumar Mayank
Vinayak Shelke
Prague deals with the inner conflicts of Chandan, a passionate architect who comes to Prague for a project along with his friend Gulshan whom he idolizes and wants to emulate but is also strangely scared of. In Prague Chandan meets a gypsy girl, Elena. This girl becomes the love of his life, his inspiration and also the pain of his soul because his past from India refuses to leave him alone. Chandan’s experiences have made him mistrust his own shadow and his insecurities have made his life a living hell. His only ally in his darkest times is his friend Arfie but then it is revealed at the end that Arfie perhaps does not exist and Gulshan is an extension of Chandan himself suggesting that it was Chandan who created these characters in his head.
Release Date27-September-2013

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