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Power (పవర్) 2014


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BannerRockline Entertainments
DirectorK. S. Ravindra
Writer Kona Venkat, Mohana Krishna, K Chakravarthy

ProducerRockline Venkatesh
Music DirectorS.S. Thaman
CinematographyArthur A. Wilson, Jayanan Vincent
Film EditingGautham Raju
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Adnan Sami, Chakri, Bobby, Chaks, Varikuppala Yadagiri , Ravi Teja, M.M. Manasi, Karthik, Sooraj Santhosh, Malavika
ACP Baldev Sahay / TirupathiRavi Teja 
NeerupamaHansika Motwani 
VaishnaviRegina Cassandra 
AK MishraPrakash Raj
Home Minister JayavardhanMukesh Rishi
Baldev's UncleKota Srinivasa Rao
Posani Krishna Murali
GauthamAditya Menon 
Baldev Sahay (Ravi Teja) is shown to be a corrupt yet valiant police officer working as an Assistant Commissioner of police in Kolkata. In an attempt to save a dreaded gangster named Ganguly (Sampath Raj), he loses his life and Ganguly is kidnapped by Baldev's allies Kundan (Ajay) and Rajeev (Subbaraju). The Home Minister Jayavardhan (Mukesh Rishi) is concerned about Ganguly being apprehended. Upon hearing the news of Baldev's death, his mother loses consciousness and is admitted to the hospital. Jayavardhan promises to the people that he will apprehend Ganguly bhai and offers his resignation if he is not successful doing the same. The media and the people comment on how an honest man like Jayvardhand had a really bad brother. (At this point in the direction of the movie, the viewer is made to believe that Baldev Sahay is the brother of Jayavardhan).

Meanwhile, in Hyderabad, Tirupathi, a look-a-like of Baldev Sahay, is a happy-go-lucky guy whose sole aim in life is to become a police, officer. He lives with his brother-in-law Animutyam (Brahmanandam) who is a circle inspector and every now and then, he steps into Animutyam's shoes to live his dream, albeit for a short period of time. To change his fortunes, he approaches Nirupama (Hansika Motwani) who claims to be a trader in gemstones relating to astrology, which can change a person's fortune but in reality she is just a con-woman. She gives him a ring which actually has no powers.

Tirupathi ends up helping his brother-in-law to apprehend a dangerous criminal. However, Animutyam takes all the credit at the press meet which Tirupathi also attends. Animutyam later reveals that he had rejected Tirupathi's application to the police academy and that he resents him. By chance, Jayavardhan notices Tirupathi on the news. Just when it looks like his dream will never come true, Tirupathi is approached by Jayavardhan to take the place of Baldev and pretends as a person with noble intentions to put Ganguly in Jail. Tirupathi accepts it and visits Kolkata. He is posted to Kalighat and impersonating as Baldev, frees Ganguly from Kundan and Rajeev. He takes Ganguly to Jayavardhan. Jayavardhan stabs Tirupathi, severely injuring him. Jayavardhan reveals to Tirupathi (and the audience) that Ganguly is his actual brother and not Baldev as he had made him believe. He leaves Tirupathi to his fate. Kundan and Rajeev later track him down and treat him. When he recovers, they narrate the story of Baldev to Tirupathi.

Kundan and Rajeev were appointed as Baldev's assistants by the commissioner of Anti-Corruption Bureau A. K. Mishra (Prakash Raj) to acquire proofs of Baldev's corruption. Baldev is always accompanied by Venkat (Brahmaji), a corrupt police officer along with Kundan and Rajeev everywhere he goes. He meets Ganguly and makes a deal with him for a huge ransom to handover Tiwari (Uttej), the only witness in the murder case of ACP Gautham (Aditya Menon) and his family who were killed by Jayavardhan's brothers Ganguly and Chotu on the former's order. In the meantime, he falls in love with Vaishnavi (Regina Cassandra), a philanthropist who too reciprocates it later. To get the proofs of Baldev's corruption, Kundan and Rajeev conduct a raid on his house where Vaishnavi is also present, who is livid on Baldev for maligning the goodwill of Aasa Foundation managed by her. There Kundan and Rajeev find a flash drive with a list of many police officers whom they suspect of being involved with Baldev in his corruption scam. However, they are surprised that even they are on the same list.

Baldev's uncle then reveals the truth behind Baldev. Baldev's mother (Vinaya Prasad) wants to see him as a police officer and is admitted in a hospital for an important surgery. Baldev pays 1 million as fees for the surgery but at the selection, he is asked to pay a bribe of 1 million which is most common for all candidates according to the seniors. Baldev returns dejected but lies to his mother that he is selected to make her happy. Next morning, Baldev receives posting orders and he rushes to the hospital to show the same to his mother and uncle. But his mother is announced dead as she wished to forego the surgery to make Baldev a police officer. Baldev then vows to turn a corrupt police officer to pay the money on behalf of the honest candidates who are about to join police force without their knowledge because of which they would not resort to corruption, which was the reason for his mother's death. After this incident, Baldev and Vaishnavi get engaged.

Meanwhile, Baldev kills Chotu and arrests Ganguly for the murder case of ACP Gautham, with Tiwari serving as the chief witness. When he is about to present Ganguly and Tiwari in the high court, Venkat sells the evidence documents for a huge bribe along with the information regarding Tiwari and Baldev. Acting upon this information, Ganguly's goons kill Baldev's uncle and then proceed to attack Baldev and Tiwari at the court. However, Vaishnavi and Tiwari are killed in the hit while Baldev escapes. Baldev then retaliates and kidnaps Ganguly from Venkat's custody with the help of Kundan and Rajeev. In the process, he meets with a car accident at a hilly area and his car explodes, killing him.Tirupathi, now realising the truth, decides to set things right.

Jayavardhan, meanwhile, provides falsified evidence against the incumbent Chief Minister by claiming him to be the one who was backing Ganguly Bhai the whole time. After this incident, the Chief Minister is forced to step down and subsequently is arrested. Jayavardhan then gives his nomination for the post. Meanwhile, Ganguly Bhai despite being imprisoned starts operating his crime regime from within.

Tirupathi rejoins the force and goes to Jayavardhan's house and makes a deal with him so as to keep his post provided that he, Tirupathi, turns a blind eye to all the activities of Ganguly bhai. Tirupathi then becomes close to Jayavardhan's PA (Posani Murali Krishna) who gets agitated after he is insulted by Jayavardhan at a particular incident. Tirupathi introduces him to Nirupama and gets her to give him a ring to change his fortunes. However, it is, in fact, a camera embedded inside the fake gemstone with a microchip to capture audio. With the help of this ring, Tirupathi exposes Jayavardhan's corruption and evil designs to the media.

Jayavardhan gets cornered and runs away "underground" along with his brother. In the process he kidnaps Nirupama, Rajeev, Kundan and Animutyam's Family. Meanwhile, A K Mishra, who has been following up this case with close interest unearths the fact that Baldev and Tirupathi are one and the same. Right before the car explosion, Baldev, is thrown off the car and falls onto a freight carrier, rendering him unconscious. The truck carries him to Hyderabad and he is taken to the hospital. Animutyam is given the case. Animutyam's wife had lost her brother, named Tirupathi, long back in her childhood and has been searching for him ever since. Animutyam, realizing that the person in front of him is suffering from amnesia, decides to pass him off as his wife's brother to keep her happy but mainly to ensure that he wouldn't have to spend huge amounts of money for her search. Mishra reveals this fact to Jayavardhan and Ganguly and warns them that if Tirupathi comes to know of the truth, then they shall be even more sorrier than they are now. Tirupathi crashes into the strong hold of Ganguly Bhai and kills him and arrests Jayavardhan.

Kundan, Rajeev and everyone else decide not to reveal the truth to Tirupathi/Baldev and thus spare him the anguish over his uncle's and fiance's death. Tirupathi later marries Nirupama and lives happily ever after in Kolkata while still posing as Baldev Sahay.
Release Date12-September-2014
Budget₹25 crore (US$3.7 million)
Revenue₹20.3 crore (US$3.0 million)

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