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Poola Rangadu (పూల రంగడు) 2012

Poola Rangadu

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BannerR.R.Movie Makers
ProducerR.R.Venkat, Atchi Reddy
Music DirectorAnoop Rubens
CinematographyPrasad Murella
Film EditingKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersBenny Dayal, Nakash, Bhargavi, Lipsika, Anoop Rubens, Ranjith, Kousalya, Raja Hassan, Noel, Karthik, Gayatri, Udit Narayan, Meenal Jain
Character Actor/Actress
AnitaIsha Chawla
Kota Srinivasa Rao
Konda ReddyDev Gill
Lala GoudPradeep Rawat
BosuSatyam Rajesh
Ranga (Sunil) leads a very happy and normal life with his family members. One day two men offer to Ranga to buy 30 acres so that later he could sell it at higher cost. Innocent Sunil who is under financial depths to be cleared in his locality area agrees for the offer. He sells his home which was kept for his younger sister marriage with his parents acceptance. The land which Ranga bought was present in the middle with each of 300 acres on either side belonging to Konda Reddy (Dev Gill) and Lala Goud (Pradeep Rawat) both of these are local dons in that village and would kill if any person tries to buy the 30 acres of land that is present in the middle. Ranga left his house and reaches the village to see his newly bought land, between he don't know the fact that he got cheated by buying that land which is under litigation. Soon after arriving the village, he meets his past friend Vasu (Ali) with him, Ranga shows his land to Vasu. Knowing the people who are behind it, Vasu warns ranga to leave the place and forget about his land revealing the danger about that place. Poor Ranga decides to sell his land and get the money for his sister marriage. Now the story revolves with ranga joining as a member of Konda Reddy batch between Lala Goud daughter Anitha falls in love with Ranga. Ranga doesn't know the fact that Anitha loves him. Konda Reddy sister elopes with Lala Goud who was a worker under Konda Reddy's father before. Angry Konda Reddy wants to take revenge on Lala Goud by marrying his daughter for the sake of torturing her. The story continues and ends how Ranga battles against Konda Reddy and wins his love
Release Date18-February-2012
Budget₹200 million
Revenue₹450 million
2nd South Indian International Movie Awards:

Best Film - Telugu - R.R.Venkat, Atchi Reddy

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