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Pelli Pandiri (పెళ్ళి పందిరి) 1998

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BannerSRS Art Movies
DirectorKodi Ramakrishna
ProducerG.Aswartha Narayana, Babu, M.C.Shekar,S.Ramesh Babu
Music DirectorVandemataram Srinivas
CinematographyM. Mohan Chand
Film EditingTata Suresh
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersS.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Sunitha, Swarnalatha, Chitra, Mano
GovindJagapati Babu
PrakashPrudvi Raj
Inspector Rama RaoSarath Babu
Dr. PrabhavathiSuhasini
Costume Krishna
BhadramMallikarjuna Rao
Notla Raghunath ChowdaryRaghunath Reddy
WatchmanPokula Narasimha Rao
Govind (Jagapati Babu) and Prakash (Prithuvi Raj) became best friends since Prakash's father (Raghunath Reddy) killed Govind's mother in a car accident. Despite his father refusal, Prakash took Murthy into his house.

A few years later, when Prakash goes to America to study, Govind leaves the house after hearing Prakash's parents who decide to give off him. An old man accommodates Govind and the man begin to call him by that name. Govind falls in love with Kasturi (Raasi) a blind flower seller. Kasturi's father (Costume Krishna) renounced to drink alcohol and he decided to go to work after Govind's preach but he died the next day in a car accident. Being Kasturi's last relation, he admitted her into a hospital for an eye operation. In order to pay it, he takes come money from a drunk man's house. In a misunderstanding, he was arrested by the police and he was sent to jail.

In the meantime, Prakash returns and falls in love with Kasturi who has regained her visual perception. Kasturi looks for Govind who was still in jail. Kasturi, who cannot find Govind, agrees to wed Prakash. Govind is released by the police and his friend is shocked to see him in this condition, and brings him back to home. Then, Prakash presents Govind to Kasturi but unfortunately she doesn't recognise him. What transpires eventually is an interesting climax.
Release Date1998

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