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Parampara (పరంపర) 2014

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BannerDhriti Media Pvt.Ltd.
DirectorMadhu Mahankali
ProducerMadhu Mahankali
Music DirectorArjun
CinematographyPrasann Jain
Film EditingParesh Kamdar
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersGeetha Madhuri, Sandeep, Malavika, Venu, Arjun
Raghava (Naresh) works as an assistant in a government firm. He lives with his wife (played by Aamani) and young son, Pawan. Raghava as a youngster was a very good poet. However, being the eldest son in a poor family, he bows down to his father's wishes and giving up his love for poetry and settles down into a mundane existence. Segregated from his natural love of poetry, life becomes drudgery for Raghava and he just goes through the motions of life without any zeal and not giving quality time to his wife and son or encouraging the latter's love for badminton. A certain incident resultsin Raghava leaving with his family to his native village and there, basking in the serene and beautifulambience of the village, Raghava recovers to a certain extent his joy for living and also bonds properly for the first time with his son and family. He then decides to support his son's love for badminton wholeheartedly so that his son does not suffer in life like him. Unfortunately, a certain incident threatens to jeopardize the whole plans of Raghava for his son. So, does Pawan realize his and his father's dreams of becoming a national champion? Whether Raghava finally manages to come to terms with life and his own father forms the crux of the story.
Release Date07-November-2014

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