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Pandhem (పందెం) 2005

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BannerMaharshi Cinema
WriterVegnesa Satish
ProducerValluripally Ramesh Babu
Music DirectorChakri
Film EditingBaswa Paidireddy
Art DirectorSatyanarayana
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersHaricharan, Shankar Mahadaven, Simha, Vasu, Mathin, Adharshni, Chakri, Kousalya, Ravivarma, Sunandha
CharacterActor / Actress
Jagapati Babu
Sivaji Raja
Krishna Bhagawan
Subbaraya Sharma
S. Ramchandra Rao
Kondavalasa Lakshmna Rao
Ahuti Prasad
Seenu (Jagapati Babu) is a good-for-nothing guy in a village, who always roams with a gang. Lingaraju (Ramaraju) has been the unanimous president of that village for the past 25 years, who is corrupt and behaves as a dictator to the village. Seeta (Kalyani) comes as an elementary school teacher and belongs to the same village. Seeta is Seenu’s childhood friend, he falls in love with her in the first sight itself. Seenu plays lot of tricks and tactics to gain her love & affection. One day Seenu comes to know that Seeta wants to marry a guy who is in better position than her.
Meanwhile Lingaraju makes a heavy contract deal with few business people, who want to construct a factory in the village which is hazardous to the people. Simultaneously, it’s time for elections in the town. Lingaraju is overconfident that no one comes as his opposition. But Seenu decides to stand in election and become president of village so that he could reach superior position than Seeta and he could marry her. In the beginning no one comes for his support because he is an irresponsible lout of the village, but with Seeta’s inspiration he succeeds in achieving villagers following and affection by doing all good deeds which Lingaraju cannot do these long years. After seeing Seenu’s following, Lingaraju gets hesitated, at the same time he comes to known his son Rajesh (Ravi Varma) is loving Seeta. So he makes a plan and make his son's engagement with Seeta, to demoralize Seenu. Even then Seenu challenges on Lingaraju that he would defeat him. Remaining story is how Seenu achieves his both objectives.
Release date5-February-2005

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