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Panchakshari (పంచాక్షరి) 2010

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BannerSai Ratna Creations
DirectorV. Samudra
WriterMadhu Vipparthi
ProducerBommadevara Ramachandra Rao
Orginal musicChinna
Film EditingMarthand K. Venkatesh
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersPriyadarshini, Geetha Madhuri,K.S.Chitra, Mano
CharacterActor / Actress
Panchakshari / Honey / Vaishnavi R. SharmaAnushka
Rajesh SharmaSamrat
Radeep / Billa BhaiPradeep Singh Rawat
Vijayshankar VermaNasser
Udayshankar VermaChandramohan
Senapati Kaal BhairavBrahmanandam
Reshmi R. SharmaShaila
Telangana Sakuntala
Raghu Babu
Ravi Prakash
Honey is an ultra modern city resident from a rich family. One day she bumps into a young man Sriram who is stunned at her. He then follows her wherever she goes and takes her video which earns dislikes of Honey. But she understands the truth behind his act when she encounters a photo of a woman who resembles like her named Panchakshari. Panchakshari is a woman who is believed to be a deity of her village. Sriram falls in love with Panchakshari and marries her and they both are blessed with a daughter. On a day of chitra poornima (full moon day), Panchakshari is possessed by the deity and it informs that Panchakshari will die shortly which happens immediately in front of all people of village, where fire suddenly engulfs her. Panchakshari's daughter becomes unconscious on seeing her mother dying. To make the girl gain her conscious back Sriram brings Honey to his daughter. Honey also visits the village. There she comes to know that she and Panchakshari are cousins. Actually Panchakshari is killed in order to close and make people to stay away from temple to execute the villain's plan of digging the treasure. Panchakshari possesses Honey and she challenges the killer that he will die on Chitra poornima. The killer tries to eliminate the spirit but Panchakshari prevails.
Release date11-June-2010

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