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Paisa (పైసా) 2014

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BannerYellow Flowers
DirectorKrishna Vamsi
WriterPadmasri, K.K.Benoji, Patrikeya
ProducerRamesh Puppala
Music DirectorSai Karthik
CinematographySantosh Rai
Film EditingThiyagarajan
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersKrishna Vamsi, Vitthal, Venu, Dhanraj, Thagubothu Ramesh, Chandra, Tippu, Baby Thillu, Vijay Prakash, Sai Karthik, Shweta Mohan, Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar
NoorCaterine Tresa
SweetySiddhika Sharma
Bharath Reddy
Charan Raj
Raja Ravinder
Duvvasi Mohan
Raju Srivasthav
Subbu YadavSubramanyam Karra
Hari krishna
A minister of Andhra Pradesh Cabinet named Kalamoorthy is removed from his post after the Central Bureau of Investigation proves his involvement in Liquor Mafia and the Election Commission of India declares the first by election after the main elections of that term in that constituency. While a senior ruling party leader Saradhi (Bharath Reddy) is willing to spend ?25 crore for the election, other senior members ask Sanyasi Naidu (Charan Raj) to shell out ?50 crores and if he wins in the by election, he would become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Since it is his ambition to rule the state, Sanyasi Naidu accepts to spend ?50 crores. With the help of his trusted aid, the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Sanyasi Naidu brings ?50 crores to India through Hawala transaction into Old City in Hyderabad. The ACP is tasked with transporting the money to the constituency. On completion of the task and if Sanyasi Naidu becomes the Chief Minister, then the ACP would be promoted as Inspector General (IG) of Police. The ACP goes to the Old city to collect the amount and the money is wrapped in big black plastic bags and is placed in the Deck lid of a Black Innova.

Another story runs parallel to the above plot. Prakash (Nani) is a model of an Old city sherwani firm who dreams to become rich. He has such an obsession for money that he pronounces his name as Pra'cash' often. He has two friends, Tabar (Akbar Bin Tabar), a cab driver and Gokul. Noor (Catherine Tresa), who also works in the same firm, is in love with him. However as Prakash is in love with Sweety (Siddhika Sharma), the daughter of Sanyasi Naidu, Noor decides to leave him and marry an old sheikh in order to solve her family's financial problems on the pressure of their creditor and the local don Yadav (R.K.). But Prakash does not know that Sweety is Sanyasi Naidu's daughter and Sweety is not aware of Prakash's intentions and takes his advances lightly. When Prakash comes to know about Noor's marriage, he beats the sheikh, Yadav and his men in disguise and takes away Noor along with his friends. The two plots converge here as Prakash escapes in that Black Innova along with Noor and his friends while the ACP is left injured severely. Neither Prakash nor his companions are aware of the money in the car.

To save Noor, Prakash arranges her stay in Sweety's house to which Sweety accepts. In the meantime, Sanyasi Naidu calls his henchmen to Hyderabad to kill the ACP and find the money. Another gang of Sanyasi Naidu is approached by Saradhi who tells them to find the ?50 crores and distribute it among themselves and this stint makes the other gang turning into Saradhi's henchmen. The ACP makes a deal with Encounter specialist Daniel (Raja Ravindra) to find the money and share it between them equally. Prakash comes to know that his phone is missing and is in the Innova and goes to the parking lot along with Tabar in the latter's cab. There Prakash finds the money in the deck lid and shifts the bags into the deck lid of the cab. Tabar and Prakash go to the place where abandoned vehicles are kept and there Prakash and Tabar see the money. The keys are with Prakash and both go away from there. Meanwhile Daniel and his sub-ordinate go to the parking lot and find only a part of the money in the Innova's deck lid. While they are informing about it to the ACP, Sanyasi Naidu's henchmen kill him and see the photo of Daniel in the caller image when he dials again.

Daniel arrests all the Old city youngsters along with Prakash and Tabar and Daniel's sub-ordinate (Duvvasi Mohan) asks all of them about the money. Meanwhile the Local MLA intervenes and all of them are released. Just as Prakash and Tabar leave the station, Saradhi's henchmen attack Prakash about the money and Prakash manages to beat them and escapes with Tabar. After an inquiry with the local Qazi, Daniel comes to know about Yadav's presence in the only marriage that happened on the day of missing of Innova. Yadav's men steal the cab from the new area and while Prakash and Tabar blame each other of stealing the money, Yadav makes a call to Prakash and threatens to sell the cab if he does not bring Noor today. But Yadav is unaware of the money in the cab. When Prakash, Tabar and Gokul see Yadav's men with the cab, they try to attack them but Daniel arrests Yadav's men and Sanyasi Naidu's henchmen rob the car. While Prakash, Tabar and Gokul chase them on a bike, they hit the car of Daniel and since Daniel knows that Prakash is also involved in the robbery of Innova after beating Yadav's men at the spot, Prakash and Tabar are arrested. They are tortured and when Daniel tries to shoot Prakash, Tabar tells that the money is in his cab. Tabar is shot by Daniel and Sanyasi Naidu's men kill Daniel and his sub-ordinate and kidnap Prakash. Gokul reaches the spot and takes Tabar along with him whom Prakash believes to be dead.

Sanyasi Naidu sees Prakash and threatens to kill Noor who is present in his house if he doesn't tell the place where the money is. Then Sanyasi Naidu's henchmen inform him that the cab is at the place where they robbed it as there was no petrol in it to drive. Prakash goes there along with Sanyasi Naidu's henchmen and is informed by Sweety that he is going to be murdered after they reach the spot. Prakash beats them up and refuels the cab. He goes to Yadav's place where Tabar and Gokul are being held. He calls Sanyasi Naidu to come there along with Noor if he wants him. Meanwhile Prakash leaves petrol cans open inside the cab and plans to explode the cab once the petrol leaks. The two parties meet each other and while everything is going smooth, Saradhi's henchmen arrive along with Sweety and threaten Sanyasi Naidu to kill her if Prakash and the ?50 crores are not handed to them. Prakash and Sanyasi Naidu are not at all happy as Yadav is now aware of the money's presence and Prakash displays the money in the deck lid. He locks it and throws away the key. In the chaos that ensues, Sweety's life is endangered which worries Sanyasi Naidu.

Once Sweety and Noor are saved, the petrol starts leaking profusely and Prakash throws a burning stick on it which blasts the car and the entire money is burnt into ashes. Sanyasi Naidu is a reformed man. Prakash marries Noor and goes to Dubai along with his friends. There when his friends blame Prakash for burning the money, Prakash replies that before reaching Yadav's place, he took ?50 lakhs from the lot and replaced it with white papers. Out of the ?49.5 crores, he donates ?45 crores to Saheli, an organisation established for the welfare of poor women in old city to ensure that there is no financial problem to the old city families among which Noor's family is also one. The rest ?4.5 cores are retained by Prakash with which he starts a very successful Sherwani business in Dubai with his wife and friends as employees.
Release Date7-Febrauary-2014
Budget₹ 22.49 Crore
Revenue₹ 12.54 Crore

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