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Oohalu Gusagusalade (ఊహలు గుసగుసలాడే) 2014

Oohalu Gusagusalade

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BannerVaaraahi Chalana Chitram
DirectorSrinivas Avasarala
WriterSrinivas Avasarala
ProducerSai Korrapati, Rajani Korrapati
Music DirectorKalyani Koduri
CinematographyVenkat C. Dileep
Film EditingKiran Ganti
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersDeepu, Sravani, Karunya, Kalyani Koduri, Sunitha, Hemachandra
N. Venkateswara RaoNaga Shourya
Sirisha PrabhavathiRashi Khanna
Uday BhaskarSrinivas Avasarala
Uday Bhaskar FatherSurya
Rao Ramesh
Guru MurthyHarish Koyalagundla
Vamana RaoPosani Krishna Murali
marriage BrokerPrudhviraj
Black Ticket SellerKalyan Koduri
N. Venkateswara Rao a.k.a. Venky (Naga Shourya) works at UB TV and his aim is to become a news reader like his father N. Bhanu Murthy. Bhanu Murthy discontinued his work as a news reader in Doordarshan after entry of new channels and a paralytic attack. However, Venky is unable to reach his target and he has a strong contender in the race for his dream job in Vamana Rao (Posani Krishna Murali). Meanwhile, for the past four years, Venky is stuck working as an anchor for Teleshopping advertisements at UB TV. Moreover, his overbearing boss Uday Bhaskar a.k.a. Uday (Srinivas Avasarala) is jealous of Venky as Venky can easily communicate with girls whereas Uday is extremely awkward in his interactions with the opposite sex. Therefore, he turns a roadblock in Venky's aim to become a news reader. After rejecting many marriage proposals, Uday agrees to marry a dentist Sirisha after seeing her photograph given by his marriage broker. After their first meet, Sirisha wants to meet Uday again for understanding him better. Since Uday is not good at communication with women, he takes the help of Venky and seeks his advice. Based on her preferences, Venky gives some suggestions to Uday at a bowling alley. While returning to their homes, Uday asks Venky about his comfortable approach towards girls and asks Venky if he has any past love experiences. Venky narrates his love story. In 2009, Venky went to Vishakhapatnam for summer vacation and he met a Delhi based 19 yr old girl, Prabhavathi a.k.a. Prabha (Rashi Khanna). Prabha has also come for a vacation to Vizag for peace of mind as her parents are going through a divorce in Delhi. Venky and Prabha meet in a movie theater and come to know that they reside in the same apartment complex. Venky develops a crush on her but he is advised not to take any hasty steps by his uncle (Rao Ramesh) and aunt (Hema).

Venky and Prabha develop a good friendship and when Venky starts developing much stronger feelings for her, his uncle asks him to list at least 10 reasons why he loves her. He writes 100 reasons in a book and sings them all together once (Inthakante Vere - Version 1). On the birthday of Prabha, Venky takes her out to a nice dinner and proposes to her. She replies that though she likes him and treats him as her best friend, she cannot accept his proposal as she is only 19 and can't take such a big decision at that age. She asks him to continue their friendship and they can take a decision later. Venky is offended and reacts telling her that he is new to "Delhi culture" with flirtatious and temporary relationships. Annoyed, she leaves the restaurant and Venky's efforts to apologize to her fail completely as she leaves for Delhi the next day. After Venky narrates his story, both Venky and Uday say good bye to each other and part for the night. Next morning, Uday and Sirisha meet and all attempts by Uday to impress her fail. She decides to seek another alliance and to choose the best between the two. Then, Uday and his broker decide to send Venky's photograph as the new bridegroom. The plan is to portray him as a wastrel and Uday as a good friend, so that Sirisha accepts Uday. Venky is forced to act as per the plan under the threat that he will be dismissed from his job and his career will be ruined if he fails to do so. Uday also offers him a job as a news reader in UB TV if he obeys the former's orders. Venky obliges and visits a temple next morning where he is scheduled to meet Sirisha. Here, he realizes that Sirisha is none other than Prabha, his former muse. To avoid an uncomfortable situation, Venky enlists the help of Chinta Guru Murthy a.k.a. Guru (Harish Koyalagundla), a NRI who befriends Venky during the temple visit.

Venky persuades Guru to pose as the prospective bridegroom, so that Prabha can reject him and go back to Uday. When Prabha reaches home, she comes to know that bridegroom was Venky and not Gurumurthy. She wants to meet Venky and propose to him as she grew to cherish their relationship over the past few years. Next day, Uday and Venky sit in a coffee shop where Uday gives Venky a Bluetooth device and a smart phone for communication. Using that, Uday plans to seek Venky's real-time help while conversing with Prabha. When Uday goes to bring the phone's charger, Prabha meets Venky and proposes to him. Before Venky can respond, Uday reaches the location and Venky runs into washroom along with the phone's charger. Via Bluetooth, Venky helps Uday converse eloquently with Prabha. The conversation of Uday and Prabha ends with a decision to meet at 7:00 PM at a hotel the next Friday for dinner. When Uday leaves, Venky comes back and he agrees to meet her at 9:00 PM on the same Friday near Necklace road. During the dinner, Uday wants to give a love letter to Prabha and Venky pens it in the form of a poem which can be sung as a song (Em Sandeham Ledu).

Uday speaks to Prabha while seeking guidance from Venky via bluetooth and when she is about to leave, he gives her the love letter. She reads it during her journey to Necklace road and is impressed. When she meets Venky at Necklace road and proposes to him, he rejects her and she leaves dejected. Next night, Uday goes to Prabha's house with a bouquet when she is about to spend a little quality alone-time. But this time, neither Venky's phone signals work, nor his phone's battery has sufficient charging. Thus, Uday can seek Venky's help only for a few moments and when the phone call ends, Uday proposes to prabha on the spur of the moment and tries to present her a ring. The plan backfires and Prabha asks Uday to leave her house. After leaving the house, Uday enlists the help of Venky again and sings a song praising her beauty (Inthakante Vere - Version 2). She is impressed and agrees to marry Uday. When Prabha wears the ring given by Uday, Venky is dejected and leaves home. At home, Venky is advised by his mother (Pragathi) that Uday is using him as a scapegoat. She advises him to resign from his job and win back Prabha. When Venky reaches the office next morning, his colleague Kalyani tells him that he is selected as the news reader for the evening news bulletin. He goes to Uday's chamber and submits his resignation. When he is about to leave Venky's office to meet Prabha, Uday beats him up and ties him to a chair and covers his mouth with a tape. Then, Uday selects Vamana Rao as the evening bulletin news reader. However, Kalyani who saw Venky entering Uday's chamber doubts Uday.Uday and Prabha meet up at a shopping mall and start to watch UB TV's first ever news bulletin. Venky at Uday's chamber causes a fire in the room with a cigarette lighter to garner attention and is rescued. Kalyani sends him to read weather telecast and when he is visible on screen, his parents and his uncle and aunt at Vishakhapatnam are happy for him. He then reveals the whole truth and proposes to Prabha telling her that he visited Vishakhapatnam every summer vacation since he met her though she never returned. Before Uday can stop Prabha from leaving him, he is attacked by Guru who locks him up in a restroom at the shopping mall. With the help of Guru, Prabha reaches UB TV office and after a small quarrel, Venky and Prabha unite. Before Uday can fire Venky, he is stopped by his father. Because of all these developments, the TRP's of UB TV cross TV9 and Venky becomes highly popular. Uday makes Venky the news reader of evening bulletin and he assigns Vamana Rao to Teleshopping The film ends with Venky helping Uday in flirting with a girl using Bluetooth communication.
Release Date20-June-2014
Budget₹ 2.5 Crores
Revenue₹ 27 Crores

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