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Nenem Chinna Pillana (నేనేం చిన్నపిల్లనా) 2013

Nenem Chinnapillana_2013

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BannerSuresh Productions

DirectorP. Sunil Kumar Reddy
ProducerD. Ramanaidu
Music DirectorM.M.Srilekha
CinematographySabu James
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSaindhavi, Sujith, Suchitra, Achu, Chinmayi, Ranjith, Shakthisri, Karthik
KrishRahul Ravindran
SwapnaTanvi Vyas
Sharath Babu
L.B. Sriram
Kasi Viswanath
Thagubothu Ramesh
Jaya Prakash Reddy
It has a brilliant MBA student, hailing from a traditional family and definitely not wanting to be a breaker of rules all her life, falling in love with a guy whom she thinks is a mean person. What is so lovely about a person who laughs with his own jokes, lives on begging and knows no difference between living responsibly and living happily Elements of this nature are inconsequential, for love is blind. What is unseemly about the love track is that it doesn't become clear whether he is flirting with her or loving her, until he explicitly says 'I love you' to her. The fact that she finds him lovely and lovable is to be inferred because the knowledge of a freedom-loving girl falling in love with such a guy is fait accompli.Swapna (Tanvi Vyas) is the daughter of veteran actor Suman. Prominently, she is known to pine for Freedom, she is seen speaking about her wish with every one (so much so, she has more lines than the hero in the first half). She doesn't mind doing a thing that is in opposition to what her grandma, father and other elders command for the sake of it. This nature lands her in Sweden first, in the house of Philosopher Krissh (Rahul Ravindran) and in deep embarrassment later.There comes a point when they get separated by circumstances, but the longing is dealt with by way of a pathetic song of pathos.There is a scene where the girl's tragedy is trivialized by the director's lousy comedy sense (read Ali and Venu Madhav). Where is the need to portray the elderly women and men in Swapna's life as some sort of gayyalis, with the exception of Suman As for the heroine, she can't communicate properly with her father - he has to know about his unlikely guest as a modern dad would. That gives an opportunity to show Suman as a worried father who is apprehensive of his daughter misusing her freedom, but the same purpose could be achieved in a mature way.Satyanand's dialogues work for the comedian LB Sriram. Tagubothu Ramesh's comedy is good. Ali and Venu Madhav are wasted in bad roles. Where the writer fails is in writing crisp dialogues. The characters come across as repeating what has been said or is obvious. There is absolutely no need to speak clichés about freedom when it can be shown in a subtle way through the character’s indulgences.The performances are not up to the mark. Rahul is shown in the long shots in good many scenes. It is in sharp contrast to Tanvi Vyas, who is shown in close shots. She is a towering personality but a small talent.
Release Date08-November-2013

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