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Nee Jathaga Nenundali (నీ జతగా నేనుండాలి) 2014

Nee Jathaga Nenundali_2014

Show details

BannerParameswara Art Productions
DirectorJaya Ravindra
WriterShagufta Rafique
ProducerBandla Ganesh
Music DirectorMithoon
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSharib Sabri, Sreerama Chandra, Abhay Jodhapurkar, Palak Muchhal, Sreerama Chandra, K.K, Arpita Chakraborti, Arijit Singh, Arpita Chakraborti, Ankit Tiwari, Shreya Ghoshal
Raghav JayaramSachiin J Joshi
Gayatri NandanaNazia Hussain
Rao Ramesh
Posani Krishna Murali
Gayatri's motherShubhangi Latkar
Raghav Jairam(Sachin Joshi) is a fading pop icon, who spots Gayatri(Nazia) at a bar in Goa. Impressed by her talented singing, Raghav promises to give her a break in the music industry.

As time passes by, he keeps up his promise, and gets Gayatri a huge break and makes her a renowned singer. In the due course of time, the couple also fall in love with each other. But twist in the tale comes when Raghav’s alcoholic and rash nature comes in the way of Gayatri’s success.

Does Raghav let go off his drinking habit ? How does he solve his problems with Gayatri ? That forms the rest of the story.
Release Date22-August-2014

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