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Naulakha Haar (नौलखा हार) 1953

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BannerRatnadeep Pictures
DirectorB. Shukla, H. Bhatt
WriterPt. Anuj Bhaskerji
Orginal musicBhola Shreshtha
CinematographyK. Purushottam
Film EditingT. Desai
Art DirectorM. V. Dubhashi
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Asha Bhosle , Rajkumari
CharacterActor / Actress
Udal Rai BanafurArvind
Kiriya Rai Ishwarlal
Mahil Rai Padiya Jeevan
DevlaDurga Khote
Bijma Meena Kumari
Devla's sisterPraveen Paul
Lakha Beipur Nirupa Roy
We have based our picture on the famous legend of the two Rajput brothers Alha and Udal, who by their heroic deeds decked the history of 12th Centuray A.D. . Our story begins with Kiriya, the prince of Mandogharh, stealthily gets into the tent of Malhana the queen of Mahoba, to steal the Naulakha-Haar (precious neckless), the one and only of its type. Deva Malhans sister arrests him red-handed and taking his sword and turban releases him. Kiriya feels himself disgraced. Mahil, the brother of Malhana Devla and Tilka meets him and gives him hints to go to Purva where Devla and Tilka are living with their husbands Desraj and Vachraj respectively. Mahil was jealous of his sister and their husbands. . Kiriya kills the two Banfar brothers Desraj and Vacharaj at night before they wake up, and looting Naulakha-Haar, Elephant Panchasvadh and Horse Papiha comes to Mando. From Purva he has also brought with him Lakha Patur, the famous dancer of Mahoba and the heads of Desraj and Vacharaj. These heads are hanged on the palace-gate of Mando. . The two widow sisters desire to become Saties but Maldhana advicese them tp will Devlas child Alha and Tilkas child Malkhan acquire youth and Devlas expected child would be born and become matured to avenge Kiriya. After three months a son is born to Devla and is named Udal. Soon passed away the period of nineteen years. . Lakha, the dancer was often sending the messages to Devla about mandogharh. Once Devlas son Udal, who is now a young man happens to meet Kiriyas younger sister Bijma. The two youthful hearts are attracted at each other after a few more meetings they fall in love. Lakha comes to know that the lover of Bijma is none but Udal the son of Devla. But she does not let the lovers know about this. . Alha, Udal and Malkhan were not informed of the deaths of their fathers, for they were yet budding into youth. But Mahil reveals them the fact and with bitter words asks them to attack Mandogarha where the heads of their fathers were hanging in disgrace. The three brothers and Purohits son Dheva take an oath to take revenge and they march towards Mandogharh with the army of Mahoba. The three brothers and Dheva enter the city of Mando in disguise of the Jogies. They successfully pave their way through thecity and get into the palace. Now they come know that Lakha who takes Udal to Bijma. Here for the first time the two lovers come to know that there is an old enemity between their families. Udal asks Bijma about the secret Soorang. But she refuses. Kiriya with suscpicion knocks the door of Bijmas chamber. Bijma turns Udal into a parrot by the power of magic, which she had learned from her Guru, Zilmila. Now she opens the door, and Kiriya comes in. He takes the parrot from Bijma with a doubt and twisting its neck throws it away. After a while Lakha brings the uncoscious parrot to Bijma. Seeing that there is yet life in the bird they go to Guru Zimila. Guru gives them a magic-thread which can turn him into a human being. But the first urgency is to cure the twisted neck or else even human from this defect would remain in Udals neck. Hence Guru advices them to go to Kamru-Kamaksha-Kund and sprinkle the sacred water to cure his neck. But the parrot must be taken thre before sunrise and Kamru-Kamaksha is a very very far of place..
Release date1953
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Bharat Vyas | Music: Bhola Shreshtha

1. Jaise Ho Gunjta Surila | जैसे हो गूंजता सुरीला     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

2. Jhoolna Jhulaye Maiya | झूलना झुलाये मैया     
Voice: Rajkumari

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