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Muddula Mavayya (ముద్దుల మావయ్య) 1989

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Banner Bhargav Art Productions
DirectorKodi Ramakrishna
WriterGanesh Patro
ProducerS. Gopal Reddy
Music DirectorK. V. Mahadevan
CinematographyK. S. Hari
Film Editing K. Satyam
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameraman
Playback Singers S.P. Balasubramanyam, S. Janaki, P. Sushela, S.P.Shailaja
RajaNandamuri Balakrishna
Ranga RaoRaja Krishnamoorthy
GajaAnand Raj
Ranga Rao (Raja Krishnamoorthy), a rich landlord in a village, spreads terror among the villagers and threatens them to give their lands to build a liquor factory. An honest police officer (Ahuti Prasad) is transferred to the village and wants to reason behind villagers cowardliness and he wants to trap Ranga Rao at any cost. After spending five years in jail for a murder, Raja (Nandamuri Balakrishna) is back to his village. Raja always gives though fight to Ranga Rao and Inspector asks him what is reason behind his enemity against Ranga Rao.

In the past, Raja was a petty thief, he loves a girl Vidya (Vijayashanti) when she comes to know Raja is a thief she retorts on him then he reveals his past, Raja was an orphan who is living for his only sister Lakshmi (Seeta) and for her studies he is doing robberies. Lakshmi, after finishing her studies in the city, came back to her village. She still against Ranga Rao's conspiracy. Lakshmi and Ranga Rao's son Chinna (Ravi) fell in love each other and got married with Raja's support. Chinna went missing while Lakshmi became pregnant. Lakshmi found out that Chinna was in his father's house and it was Ranga Rao's master plan. Raja went there but he was humiliated by Raja. In the meantime, Chinna stabbed Lakshmi but she gave birth to baby boy before dying. The angry Raja killed Chinna. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.
Release Date10-February-1989

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