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Mr Ya Miss (मिस्टर या मिस) 2005

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Sunny (Adavi Shesh) is a mass guy located in Ameerpet. He makes a living as petty thief. With the aim of earning dollars he goes to US on a fake visa. He meets Priya (Priya Benerjee) there. Priya escapes from her home, as she does not like match fixed for her. In that situation she meets Sunny. Sunny likes Priya’s nature and acts and shows her what life is in the 24 hours she spends with him. Before both of them get close, a villain gang takes away Priya. Who are those villains Could Sunny save Priya are the crux of the story.
Release Date12-September-2013
BannerMammoth Media Entertainment Private Limited
DirectorRam Gopal Varma
WriterRadhika Anand
ProducerM Sumanth Kumar Reddy
Music Director Nitin, Sanjeev Darshan
CinematographyVikash Saraf
Film EditingJerin Jose
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersLeonard Victor, Shweta Pandit, Srikanth, Ramgopal Varma, Supriya Joshi, Geetha Madhuri, Sooraj, Venu, Raghu Kunche, Latha Krishna
Yuvaan( Ruslaan Mumtaz ) is a 19 year old college boy who is very friendly . The story begins with Yuvaan falling from the balcony with a diary and he being taken to the hospital . An inspector comes for investigation and finds out that he is the same guy who was there in the mms scandal . He starts thinking that if Yuvaan wanted to commit suicide then why with the diary . Then he starts reading the diary . The diary begins when yuvaan meets Aayra (Chetna Pande)an NRI and gets attracted to her . One day Yuvaan asks Aayra whether they can become a couple as both of them are single or can even be friends but Aayra refuses . Yuvaan turns and walks away when he sees one of his friend fighting and goes and stops the fight. His friend is shattered and says that the girl he loved ws cheating on him . After that Yuvaan tries cheering his friend up and doesn't meet Aayra much . Seeing Yuvaan caring so much for his friend, Aayra starts liking Yuvaan and becomes friends with him. One day due to some problem Aayra and Yuvaan don't talk to each other but both are eager to . At the end of the day, both meet and say each other how much they had missed each other . Aayra starts loving Yuvaan and writes all this in her diary . One day as none are in her house she calls Yuvaan, he gets very excited and goes to her house where they start taking pics . Yuvaan by mistake keeps his video recorder in his cell on and keeps it on the desk as he goes near Aayra . Aayra cries saying Yuvaan that she never expected him to do such a thing with her . Yuvaan apologises to her and says he had no such intensions and zips her dress back . Aayra hugs Yuvaan . The inspector reads this and is shocked he says that some how the story which has been shown is incorrect . The actual thing is something else and he has to find it out . He goes to the hospital where Yuvaan is admitted and the doctor tells that he is serious and only one doctor can save him who is going to Shimla for doctors meeting . The inspector brings the doctor to the hospital and the doctor does Yuvaan's operation . By this time the inspector asks the actual story of what happened when Yuvaan returned from Aayra's home . Amey says that the next day Yuvaan, Amey, Vibhu and Lovely planned of going out and having fun, but before leaving they met Aayra who gave him her diary in which she had written how she really feels for him . Lovely takes Yuvaan's phone from him and doesn't give him back . When they return from the trip Amey got a call from a friend about the mms of Aayra and Yuvaan which had been leaked in the whole college and even the media know about it . Yuvaan gets arrested and when he comes back he tries finding a way to remove Aarya's name from all this mess as he really loves her, so he takes her diary and falls off the balcony . Later Yuvaan's mobile falls from Lovely's pocket and the mms is seen by a media reporter and they use it just for the TRP .It goes on air because of the media . All the public take Yuvaan's side and pray for his fast recovery . After a month Yuvaan gets alert and goes to meet Aayra with the inspector . He says her how much he loves her and asks for forgiveness, Aayra is broken due to the news forgives him but says as his sorry wont bring her life back and says that it won't matter as she is going abroad next week . There is a news in which Yuvaan is being interviewd and is asked that the whole country has forgiven him but did Aayra do ? He says he doesn't know but the only thing he knows is he loves Aayra a lot and will always love her . Aayra's dad leaves India but leaves Aarya in India and both Aayra and Yuvaan are shown together .

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