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Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal (மூன்று பேர் மூன்று காதல்) 2013

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Nanda GopalSivaji
MeghanaBhoomika Chawala
Ratna MalaLaya
Nanda Gopal (Sivaji) is an employee on JP corporation, one of the biggest business house in India. He works as an accountant in Hyderabad branch for this Mumbai based firm. He is a good Samaritan with high ethical values and amble social responsibility. He also wrote a thesis on the economy that is aimed at improving the economics of corporate companies. His goal is to show it to the MD of company Meghana (Bhumika Chawla), daughter of deceased JP. Nanda Gopal is married to a lovable and traditional girl Ratna Mala (Laya) for the past 5 years and they lead a happy family. Their family also consists of a small kid, whom they adopted from an orphanage. When Meghana visits Hyderabad branch for the first time, Nanda Gopal gets a chance to meet her. He tries to impress Meghana. In the process, he loses his job. Meghana tells him that she would put some tests and if he passes them she would make him the GM of the company. Slowly Nanda Gopal realizes that she is playing mind games with him. Now she wants to marry him. She forces him to tie knot to her. Before Nanda Gopal realizes it, he is in a big mess. She tortures him to such an extent that he would not even think about anything with a plain mind. Why is Meghana is behaving like a psychopath? Why did she chose Nanda Gopal as her prey? The reason behind this game is that Meghana is suffering with a serious disease and she is going to leave the world and JP corporation would be an orphan. So she is in search of a right person to hand over the responsibilities and none reached the expectations. At the same time, when she came to Hyderabad, she met with Nanda Gopal who have the ideals of her father. Meghana thinks Nanda Gopal is the right person. She tortured him to test whether he is the exact fit or not. She marries him so that he would be the legal hier of JP corporation. At the end it Nanda Gopal and Ratna Mala has a baby girl and they name her MISAMMA, which means Meghana expired and Nanda Gopal is the M.D. of JP corporation
Release Date28-November-2003
First Best Feature Film (Gold) - B Satyanarayana
Best Actress - Bhoomika Chawla
Best Screenplay Writer - G. Neelakanta Reddy
Best Female Dubbing Artist - Savitha Reddy (for Bhumika)


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