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Milap (मिलाप) 1955

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DirectorRaj Khosla
WriterRaj Khosla
Orginal music N. Dutta
Film EditingS E Chandiwala
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersGeetha dutt, hemanth kumar
Rajendra Sayal 'Raju'Dev Anand
Asha DayalGeeta Bali
Seth KaramchandK N Singh
KaluJohnny Walker
Mrs. AkhrodwalaTun Tun
Mohan DayalKrishan Dhawan
Rajan Kapoor
Lily Kelkar
T.N Charlie
Dev Karan of teaming millions...all striving for momey, more money and yet more money. This is the story of a man who gets so much money that he does not know what to do with it. . Raju, simple young villager inherits a huge fortune and comes to Bombay with his friend Kalu. Karmchand a lawyer receives them and takes them to Rajus house and while handing him over his inheritance sees that Raju is a very simple man and can be easily cheated, Raju is bewildered and is soon lost in the quick tempo of the city. He appeals to Karamchand for help who sees his opportunity. He sends Asha, a clever sophisticated society girl, to Raju to work as his Secretary and help him to learn the life of the modern society. But her real job was to ensnare him with her charms so that Karamchand could make a fortune out of Raju. . Asha soon transforms Raju from a simpleton to a smart person, but she could not change his outlook on life which was simple and honest. Rather she finds her own mind changing and she soon realises the difference between her dishonesty and his complete faith in her. Karamchand, in need of money presses for results from her and Asha is forced to take a decision whether to continue working for Karamchand and doing his dirty Job oR to confess all to Raju whom she now loves. . She rebels against Karamchand and refuse to do his work. What Karamchand does and how Asha helps to save Raju from his clutches, you will see it on the silver screen.
Release Date1955
Awards : Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Sahir Ludhiyanvi | Voice: Geetha dutt,hemanth kumar | Music: N. Dutta

1. Yeh Baharon Ka Sama | यह बहारों का समां     

2. Ham Se Bhi Karlo Kabhi Kabhi To | हम से भी कार्लो कभी कभी तो     

3. Jate Ho To Jao Par Jaoge Kahan | जाते हो तो जाओ पर जाओगे कहाँ     

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