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Meera (மீரா) 1992

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Character Actor/Actress
Janakirama alias JackiePuneet Rajkumar
LakshmiBhavana Menon
YashodhaHarshika Poonacha
Meese BheemannaRangayana Raghu
matrimonial agentRaju Thalikote
Police SuperintendentShobharaj
Mithai RamaRavi Kale
Prasanna alias JooliPetrol Prasanna
Bullet Prakash
chicken sellerHonnavalli Krishna
BannerPoornima Enterprises
DirectorDuniya Soori
WriterDuniya Soori
ProducerParvathamma Rajkumar
Music DirectorV. Harikrishna
CinematographySatya Hegde
Film EditingDeepu S Kumar
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersTippu, Rakhi, Harini, Murali, Veena Ghantasala
Janakirama alias Jackie (Puneet Rajakumar) is an 8th standard living with his mother Jayamma who operates a flour mill in a village. Jackie is a guy who dreams of making it big; but not by hard work. He is an expert card player and thinks he can repay all his debts with earnings from it. He does every job and hopes he would one day make it big as a realtor. He is talkative and uses the opportunities around him to eke out a living. In the locality where he lives, a priest's daughter Yashodha (Harshika Poonacha), is in love with a photo studio owner who is actually a conduit for a human trafficker and asks Jackie to help her get married. Jackie initially tries to help but when the priest questions him, he decides to cop out of the issue respecting the aged father's feelings.

Losing all hope, Yashodha elopes with her lover, along with a blind girl(fiction). The priest is under the impression that Jackie is the mediator in this case. So it becomes responsibility of Jackie to trace Yashodha and the blind girl. Meanwhile, Jackie is followed by police as he has sheltered a friend who has fled from the prison and a cop is killed during the escapade. In the dense forest, he averts a ritual of human sacrifice where Lakshmi (Bhavana Menon) is the intended victim. The trouble shoots up for Jackie again as even the wrong-doers are chasing him now. As he lands up in Bengaluru, he finds out that the blind girl who went with Yashodha is dead. He gets a clue of Prasanna alias Jooli when he becomes friendly to constable Bheemanna (Rangayana Raghu) which leads to suspicious activities of a gang transporting girls to abroad in oil tankers, headed by Mithai Rama (Ravi Kale). Jackie is on the hunt for the dangerous team and as the police from other part also follow Jackie, it is where the cinema finds a happy-ending climax.
Sardar Patel
Ramya Choudary
Preeti Jhangiani
Awards: Unknown.

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