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Maro Charitra (మరో చరిత్ర) 2010

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BannerSri Venkateswara Creations, Matinee Entertainment
DirectorRavi Yadav
WriterK. Balachander, Umarji Anuradha
Music DirectorMickey J Meyer
CinematographyRavi Yadav
Film EditingMarthand K Venkatesh
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersKarthik, Shweta Pandit, Srimathumitha, Ranjith, Smita, Varun Sandesh
Character Actor/Actress
BaluVarun Sandesh
SwapnaAnita Galler
SandhyaShraddha Das
Balu (Varun Sandesh) is a US-born care-free boy. He dropped the course that he was doing because he was missing home and didn't wanted to carry on with his course. His dad tells him off for dropping the course, as he want his son to be like him. He and his dad argue with Balu over every matter, as their points of view don't match. Meanwhile Swapna (Anita), born in India, moved to the US and is Balu's neighbour. She doesn't know English so she doesn't speak when she is outside home, so everyone in the area thinks she is mute and can't speak. When Balu sees Swapna he tried to talk to her but she doesn't reply. He follows her, as he wants to talk to her and want to know her name. One day in the temple where both family was present, Balu sees Swapna talking. He follows her and teases her for lying. One day Swapna tells him that she loves him and want to be with him forever, he also says that he loves her too. But their families dislike one another, as Balu's dad feels Swapna's family is a low class Indian family who don't know how to live in the US. When they find out about Swapna and Balu's love, they both get separated by their family. In order to convince Balu and her family, Swapna tell them that they will have a contract which will say that if Balu and Swapna see or talk to each other in a year's time which includes no texting, e-mail, or messages, their family can get their marriage where ever they like.Balu moves to New York for a job, where he meets Sandhya (Shraddha Das) his boss; she is very strict but a nice person. She lost her love and father on same day in car accident, but she didn't move on in her life and still loves her dead lover. Swapna's cousin who likes Swapna comes to the US and wants to marry her. Swapna's mom wants the same, but can't get her married due to the one-year contract. Swapna's cousin creates a misunderstanding and tells Balu that she is getting married to him and shows some fake engagement photos. Balu believes him and breaks down and starts dating Sandhya. Swapna's cousin creates the same misunderstanding by telling Swapna that Balu is getting married but Swapna doesn't believe. One day Sandhya finds Swapna and Balu's video on his phone and pay a visit to Swapna without telling her that she is getting married to Balu soon. Swapna in excitement tells Sandhya how much she loves him and their love story. She also tells her that people believe he is getting married to some other girl, but she doesn't believe as she trusts Balu and will wait forever. Sandhya, who has lost her love before, goes back to New York and tells Balu that it was all misunderstanding, and Swapna still loves him as much she did before and she is waiting for him to return so he should go back to her. After a year when Balu returns, both families break the contract and say that they will not let this marriage happen. Balu and Swapna jump off a waterfall in front of their parents, telling them that if they can't let them live happily they rather die. Swapna and Balu's parents believe that they are dead but the truth is that they came out live from waterfall and ran away so they can live together.
Release Date25-March-2010
Budget₹ 9 crore
Revenue₹ 12.5 crore

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