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Malligadu (మల్లిగాడు) 2012

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BannerStudio Green
DirectorAmeer Sultan
WriterAmeer Sultan
ProducerK. E. Gnanavelraja
Music DirectorYuvan Shankar Raja
Film EditingRaja Mohammed
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersS.P.Balasubramanyam, Chinmayee, Sripada, Mukesh, Murali, Malathi, Shanmukhi, Malathi, Rakhi, Mani, Udayabanu
Malli BabuKarthi
Sivayya Saravanan
Ganja Karuppu
Sampath Raj
Malli Babu ( Karthi ) is a ruffian and a rowdy sheeter who keeps getting into trouble with the law on a daily basis. Together with his uncle Sivayya ( Saravanan ), Malli Babu roams around the countryside, looking for entertainment as well as trouble. He is adored by Malli ( Priyamani ) who happens to be his relative, but he does not reciprocate her feelings. On the other hand, Malli’s father Nagayya ( Ponvannan ) hates Malli Babu for his behaviour and for mixing with low caste people.
As the story keeps moving back and forth to showcase the struggle of human emotions and caste equations, Malli Babu begins to understand and reciprocate Malli’s love. All hell breaks loose when he decides to marry Malli and he becomes the most hated man in the village. Will Malli Babu and Malli be able to realize their dreams Will the villagers allow them to have a life together.
Release Date02-March-2012

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