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Majboori (मजबूरी) 1954

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DirectorRam Darayani
ProducerMurli Manohar
Orginal musicRobin Chatterjee
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersTalat Mahmood, Meena Kapoor, Asha Bhosle
CharacterActor / Actress
Balraj Sahni
Moti, a poor clerk in the office of Mohanlal, is profoundly happy that the apple of his eyes, his young sister Meena, has turned out to be a huge success in the Dance recital of her "Bal Mandirs" concert. Lata the daughter of the President Judge Jamandas, while distributing the prizes, specially compliments Moti on the talents of his sister. . Mohanlal, the Employer of Moti, who was unofficially betrothed to Lata had earlier seduced a young girl by name of Sundari, promising to marry her in due course. Mohan tries to get rid of Sundari, by offering her hand to Moti in marriage. Mohanlal promises him promotion and reward; but Moti who had happened to have overheard a part of the conversation, gives his boss a bit of his mind. Moti goes away after pledging his word of honour to Sundri thathe would never divulge her secret, under any cirumstances. . Mohanlal resorts to a subterfuge to wreak his vengeance on Moti and gets the latter sentencedto imprisonment on a manipulated charge of theft. While Moti is facing the rigours of jail, Meena pines awat due to privations, hard work and pangs of seperation from the brother. . Meanwhile, the date of the offcial betrothal between Lata and Mohan is fixed; and for the purpose Mohan who was always embarrased for lack of cash, calls on his Auntie....the wife of Sath Maniklal.... to get lone of casket of ornaments and discovers that Sundri was employed as "Ayah" in that house. . On release from prison, Moti is shocked to find the diseased condition of Meena, who is delighted at having received invitation to participate in the function of Lata Devis forthcoming betrothal. She is so very eager to go there that she manages to get a pledge from Moti that he would take her there even if he had to carry her in his laps. . Moti tries very hard and even restores to manual labour to procure money for Meenas medical treatment and nutritious food; but all his efforts fail and Meenas condition grows from bad to worse. Finally, much against the reproaches of his conscience, he decides to commit theft. It so happens that he burgles into the bed room of Lata, where he caught red-handed, Lata threatens to hand him over to police; but the tale of woe, pathetically narrating the condition of his sister. . While rushing out, Moti is amazed to find a photo of Mohanlal hanging the wall, and he is flabbergasted to learn that this Goddess of Lata was to be betrothed on the following day with the cad. Moti wants to expose the fiend; but there was not time, as Judge Jamnadas had evidently been distrubed from his sleep. . Hurriedly Moti fetches the Doctor and medicines; but it is too late. Little Meena had already breathed her last. The sevre blow unhings Moti temporarily. Meena could not be dead. She had been keen to go to the betrothal banquet. He would take her there to respect his pldeged word. Besides, he had a solemn duty to warn Lata Devi in respect to Mohan. . Moti bursts into the ceremonial gathering like a lunatic. He accuses Mohanlal having killed Meena and of having blasted the career of another girl too. He implores Judge to save his daughter from the scoundrels machinations. Mohanlal brands him as a raving lunatic and orders him to be thrown out. Lata intervenes and openly insults Mohan and paractically breaks off the engagement. . Judge Jamnadas however was a man of stern character. Mohanlal was innocent unti proved guilty. The Lower Courts record had proved Moti to be a thief. Jamnadas could not rely on the unproven charge of such a person. On the other hand, Lata fails to furnish proof as a Moti had pledge his promise of secrecy to Sundri. Persuations and pleas leave Lata no other option but to yield to the wishes of her parents. She agrees to the marriage when fate in the garb of Sundri saves her from the calamity by exposing the full facts, after first swearing Lata to secrecy. . Lata now emphatically decliness to marry Mohan. Judge Jamnadas on the other hand had tolerated enough nonsense from his daughter. War of words ensues. Judge asks Lata to leave his house. Lata brands him as a vain tyrant. The accusation makes the Judge mad with anger and he slaps her to silence. Latas ailing mother, from her invalid chair, tries to protect her daughter but stumbles and meets instanteous death The tie that could have kept the father and daughter together snaps. Lata would not live under the same roof. She goes away promising never to besmear the noble name of her family, under any odds. . Under an assumed name of Asha, Lata succeeds in getting employment with Seth Maniklal, little knowing that Moti too was working in the same institution. Moti and Lata come in close contact and learn to love each other. . Lata, whose part of duty was to give lessons to Seth Maniklals daughter, is one day confronted by Mohan, who had come to visit his Aunt. Finding that not only the family members but even "Ayah" Sundri were out, Mohan wants to force Lata to his embrace. In attemting to save her honour, Lata involunatrily stabs Mohan to instantaneous death. Moti arrives on the scene. He sends away Lata on some excuse and decalres himself as the murderer of Mohan. . When Lata finds that nothing oculd save Moti from the charge of murder she goes her parental home to beg her father, (who was the trying Judge), to save the accused. Judge, who the seperation from his daughter had softened a great deal, would do anything else for her sake; but Justice shall not be robbed of its dues. In a mood of defiance, Lata confesses to her guilt and challenges her father to hand over to the Police. He does so.
Release date1954
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics: D.N.Madhok | Music: Robin Chatterjee

1. Ankhe Bhari Hui Hai Aur | आंखे भरी हुई है और     
Voice: Meena Kapoor, Talat Mahmood

2. Ye Behta Hua Pani Samjha | ये बहता हुआ पानी समझा     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

Aaye Khushiyo Ke Din | आये खुशियों के दिन. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

Ankhe Ro Ro Haar Gayi | आंखे रो रो हार गयी. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

Bhanwre Ne Kali Se | भँवरे ने कलि से. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

Ek Din Radha Ne Li Ghanshyam | एक दिन राधा ने ली घनश्याम. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

Jaago Jaago Behna | जागो जागो बहना. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

Tere Poojan Ko Bhagwan | तेरे पूजन को भगवन. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

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