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Magadheera (మగధీర) 2009


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BannerGeetha Arts
ProducerAllu Aravind, B.V.S.N.Prasad
Music DirectorM.M.Keeravani
CinematographyK.K.Senthil Kumar
Film EditingKotagiri Venkateswara rao
Art Director
Camrea Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersDeepu, Geetha Madhuri, Anju Gurwara, reeta, Ranjith, Shivani, Jassie Gift, Daler Singh, Nikitha Nigam, M.M.Keeravani
HarshaRam Charan
InduKajal Agarwal
RaghuveerDev Gill
Vikram SinghSarath Babu
Harsha, a dirt-bike racer, is taking an auto rickshaw to the airport in the rain. He spots the blurry outline of a woman trying to flag the auto down, and gestures to her that it is already occupied. As he does, their fingers accidentally touch, and Harsha feels an electric current passing through him, which triggers a few fleeting images. Later, feeling that this was the girl he was destined to be with, he enquires about her to a woman named Indira (called "Indu"), without realising that she is the same girl. Indu, thinking that he is stalking her, misdirects him. She and her friends take advantage of Harsha, duping him out of his finances. Meanwhile, Indu's distant cousin Raghuveer, lusts after her. He manipulates Indu and her father into trusting him. However, whenever he attempts to touch a sleeping Indu, he sees visions of a warrior slitting his throat. Raghuveer consults a tantrik, Ghora, who reveals to him that in a prior life, he was a prince who lusted after Indu, and was killed by her lover, a warrior. Raghuveer is determined to find the reincarnation of the warrior and kill him. Meanwhile, Harsha discovers how Indu and her friends have been defrauding him, and she falls in love with him.

Raghuveer discovers that Harsha is the reincarnation of the warrior. He murders Indu's father and frames Harsha, causing Indu to hate Harsha. As Raghuveer and Indu leave in a helicopter, Harsha tries to catch them but fails; falling into a lake, he faces a near-death experience and learns about his past life in 1609. In that year, Emperor Sher Khan is preparing to invade the kingdom of Udayghar when he hears of the brave warrior Kala Bhairava (Harsha), commander of the Udayghad army. King Vikram Singh's daughter, Mithravindha Devi (Indu), loves Bhairava, but he holds himself back. Her cousin, Ranadev Billa (Raghuveer), lusts after Mithra and plans a competition between himself and Bhairava; the winner will marry her and the loser will be banished from Udayghad. Bhairava's victory leads to Ranadev's banishment. Vikram Singh, however, secretly requests that Bhairava not marry his daughter, because Bhairava has a high chance of dying in battle, and he does not wish to see Mithra widowed. Though shocked, Bhirava concedes to the king's request and publicly declines to marry Mithra, leaving her distraught.

Bhairava then takes Mithra, his soldiers, and his caretakers to the Bhairavakona temple atop a cliff to seek blessings from God. Mithra demands Bhairava admit his love for her. When he does not respond, she upsets the sacred items they have brought for the puja and, using her own blood, paints an image on a nearby rock of Bhairava leaving his true love in order to do his duty. An injured soldier arrives to tell Bhairava that Ranadev and Sher Khan's army have killed Vikram Singh and are now rushing toward them. They arrive shortly, and Sher Khan challenges Bhairava to battle his soldiers. Bhairava boldly accepts the challenge and kills a hundred soldiers, but is severely injured in the process. Sher Khan, impressed by Bhairava'a bravery, has a change of heart. However, Ranadev continues attacking, eventually wounding Mithra fatally, but he is in turn killed by Bhairava. A dying Mithra asks Bhairava to confess his love, but before he can respond, she dies and falls off the cliff. Distraught, he follows her and falls to his own death.

After learning about his past life, Harsha is rescued from the lake by a fisherman named Solomon (who is the reincarnation of Sher Khan) and, with Soloman's help, visits Udayghad. He gains access to Raghuveer's palace and overhears Ghora telling Raghuveer that if Indu's memories of the past are not revived within the day they can never be revived, and she will be with Raghuveer forever. Harsha kidnaps Indu and takes her to Bhairavakona and in the process, Ghora is accidentally killed by Raghuveer. Raghuveer arrives by helicopter and asks Indu to come with him; however Indu sees Mithra's painting, and her past-life memories are revived; she reunites with Harsha. Harsha fights Raghuveer, and with the help of Solomon, manages to kill him.
Release Date31-July-2009
Budget₹520 million
Revenue₹2.2 billion
National film Awards:

Best Special Effects - R. Kamal Kannan
Best Choreography - K.Siva Shankar

Filmfare Awards South (2009):

Best Film - Allu Aravind
Best Director - S. S. Rajamouli
Best Actor - Ram Charan Teja
Best Music Director - M. M. Keeravani
Best Male Playback - Anuj Gurwara (Panchadara Bomma)
Best Cinematographer - K.K. Senthil Kumar

Nandi Awards (2009):

Best Popular Feature Film - Magadheera
Best Director - S. S. Rajamouli
Best Editor - Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao
Best Art Director - Ravinder
Best Choreographer - Shiva Shankar
Best Audiographer - Radhakrishna
Best Costume Designer - Rama Rajamouli
Best Special Effects - Kamal Kannan
Special Jury Award - Ram Charan Teja

South Scope Awards (2010):

Best film - Magadheera
Best actor - Ram Charan Teja
Best director - S. S. Rajamouli
Best Male Playback - Anuj Gurwara (Panchadara Bomma)
Best lyricist - Chandrabose (Panchadara Bomma)
Best Cinematographer - K.K. Senthil Kumar

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