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Kurbaan (कुर्बान) 1991

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BannerKarishma Internationals
DirectorDeepak Bahry
WriterVinay Shukla
ProducerBubby Kent
Music DirectorAnand and Milind
CinematographyThomas A. Xavier
Film EditingMukhtar Ahmed
Art DirectorR. Verman Shetty
Camera OperatorDamodar Naidu
Assistant CameramenSameer Arya
Playback SingersSarika Kapoor, Abhijeet, Suresh Wadkar , Anuradha Paudwal, Sukhwinder Singh , Mohammed Aziz, Udit Narayan
CharacterActor / Actress
Prithvi SinghSunil Dutt
Inspector Suraj SinghKabir Bedi
Akash Singh Salman Khan
Chandra SinghAyesha Jhulka
Himmat SinghGulshan Grover
KakimaaRohini Hattangadi
Daku Panna Singh Goga Kapoor
Maan SinghBharat Kapoor
Mrs. Gayatri Prithvi SinghKunika
Havaldar Om Puri
Sunil Dhawan
Man who brought "Maan Singh" to Sardar Panna Daku Ramesh Goyal
The JudgeKamaldeep
Prithvi's sisterSudha Chandran
Maan Singh and Prithvi Singh's families have been locked in a property dispute in a Court in India. When the Court gives a verdict in favor of Prithvi, Maan hires a bandit, Panna Singh, to kill Prithvi and all of his family. Panna only partially succeeds, and retreats badly wounded to a dense forest to escape Prithvi's wrath. But the harm has been done, Prithvi has lost his sister and other family to this vicious assault, and has vowed to avenge this by killing Maan's family, and he does so with partial success, thus incurring the wrath of Maan's Police Inspector brother, Suraj Singh.

Prithvi then goes into hiding and is now called Daku Prithvi Singh. The only survivors from his family are his daughter, Chandra, his aunt, and her son, Himmat, while Suraj Singh lives with his son, Akash. Years later, an educated Akash meets with an uneducated Chandra and both fall in love with each. When their respective fathers' find out, they are told not to see each other again and their marriages' are arranged elsewhere. But both Akash and Chandra believe in their love, but are unaware of the consequences this could result in - especially in another bloodbath at the hands of Panna Singh, who is still alive - and still wants to kill the remainder of Prithvi and his family.
Release date31-May-91
Awards: Unknown.


Lyrics: Sameer | Music: Anand and Milind

1. Aao Mein Padhadoon Tumhein | आओ में फधदॊन तुम्हें     
Voice: Sarika Kapoor, Abhijeet

2. Baitha Neeli Jheel Kinare | बैठा नीली झील किनारे     
Voice: Suresh Wadkar , Anuradha Paudwal

3. Deewanon Se Poocho | दीवानों से पूछो     
Voice: Sukhwinder Singh

4. Main Tujhe Pe Kurbaan | मैं तुझे पे कुर्बान     
Voice: Mohammed Aziz

5. Yeh Dharti Chand Sitare | यह धरती चाँद सितारे     
Voice: Udit Narayan , Anuradha Paudwal

6. Deewanon Se Poocho (Sad) | दीवानों से पूछो     
Voice: Sukhwinder Singh

7. Ek Do Din Ki Jawani Hai | एक दो दिन की जवानी है     
Voice: Sapna Mukherjee

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