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Kumari 21F (కుమారి 21F) 2015

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BannerSukumar Writings P. A. Motion Pictures
DirectorPalnati Surya Pratap
ProducerSukumar, Vijay Bandreddi, Thomas Reddy
Music DirectorDevi Sri Prasad
CinematographyR. Rathnavelu
Film EditingAmar Reddy
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersYazin Nisar, Narendra, M. M. Manasi, Devi Sri Prasad, Ranina Reddy, Rita, Sagar
Character Actor/Actress
SiddhuRaj Tarun
Meena KumariHebah Patel
ShankarNoel Sean
SrinuNaveen Neni
Siddhu's motherHema
Siddhu is a chef leading a middle class life with his mother in K.G.B. colony. His father Ravikanth is accused of having an extra-marital affair that leads to the separation of his parents. Siddhu aims to be a chef on a cruise liner in Singapore and his financial status does not support him. His friends Shankar, Srinu and Suresh steal money from people who use the local ATM; they hide in some local ruins for three days and Siddhu cooks for them and provides liquor, receiving a share of the money in return.

Siddhu meets Kumari, a struggling model from Mumbai who has recently moved to the colony. They fall in love; Siddhu is often confused by Kumari's bold and daring attitude. His friends tell Siddhu is not Kumari's first boyfriend and she may have had past relationships. Siddhu grows suspicious about her virginity and Kumari realises this. She rejects his marriage proposal, saying he does not have the maturity to love her.

Siddhu tries to make Kumari jealous by romancing his neighbour Madhu, but his ploy fails. Kumari continues to love him unconditionally; her attitude confuses Siddhu. Siddhu's friends discover Kumari is actually Meena, a Mumbai-based model who was caught in a police raid at a brothel. She rejects their sexual advances, which angers them. Siddhu refuses to leave her, further angering the trio.

After an ATM robbery, the trio escapes and Srinu loses his cellphone; Kumari finds it and hands it to the police. The trio shelter in the ruins; when Siddhu meets them, Shankar reveals that Kumari is actually Meena and shares a video of a press meet issued by the Mumbai police that features her and others linked to a prostitution case. Kumari rejects Siddhu's advances that night; the following day, he discovers his father never had an extra-marital relationship and his mother misunderstood. To make sure Siddhu is happy, Kumari asks him to visit her that night to fulfill his desire.

The trio reach Kumari's house before Siddhu, sedate her with narcotics mixed with juice and rape her. Siddhu arrives to propose to her and finds the trio there. After chasing them away, he reads Kumari's letter that makes him recognise his lack of maturity. He starts rearranging everything to make sure Kumari is not aware of the assault. He sees blood stains on her sari and assumes she is a virgin. He removes the sari, washes away the stains, and puts it back. When Kumari gains consciousness, Siddhu tells her she fell asleep after the trio left and he was waiting for her. She is suspicious but Siddhu persuades her and proposes marriage her, to which she agrees.

The police arrests Siddhu and interrogates him to find the whereabouts of his friends, which he refuses to reveal. He is released from jail and marries Kumari. Three years later, Siddhu is running a kitchen in Hyderabad and the inspector plans to close the case because he could not find the trio. It is revealed that Siddhu has chained them in the ruins and has been feeding and torturing them for the past three years; they beg him to kill them. The film ends with Siddhu beating the trio after feeding them and saying he is not mature enough to forgive them.
Release Date20-November-2015

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