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Keelu Gurram (కీలు గుర్రం) 1949

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BannerSobhanachala Pictures
DirectorM.Raja Saheb
ProducerM.Raja Saheb
Music DirectorGhantasala Venkateswara Rao
Cinematography D. L. Narayana
Film EditingR M Venugopal
Art DirectorT V S Sharma
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersGhantasala , V.Sarala, Sri Devi, Krishnaveni
CharacterActor / Actress
MohiniAnjali Devi
A.Nageswara Rao
Surabhi Kamalabai
M. Subbulu
Subba Rao
D. Satyanarayana
King of Vidarbha becomes attracted to Mohini (Anjali Devi). He brings her to his kingdom as a second wife. She is a demon. She eats elephants and horses in the fort at night leaving bones. According to her plan, she manages to shift the blame onto the Queen. The king punishes the pregnant queen and sends her to the forest. She gives birth to a son (Akkineni). He grows up in Koya Gudem and learns all fighting skills. With the help of Keelu Gurram (Magic horse) which can fly in the sky, he wins the king's attention. He was given the Sainyadhikari (Chief of Army) position due to his bravey. He saves a damsel in distress (Lakshmirajyam). Knowing his intentions, Mohini sends him on an impossible mission to bring her a medicinal herb for her headache. He faces many adventures in pursuit of his goal. He learns that Mohini is in an insect. He reaches the kingdom, while his mother is sentenced to death by hanging. He kills Mohini and saves his mother and restores her dignity.
Release date1949

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