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Karthikeya (కార్తికేయ) 2014

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BannerMagnus Cine Prime Pvt. Ltd.
DirectorChandoo Mondeti
WriterChandoo Mondeti
ProducerVenkat Srinivas
Music DirectorSekhar Chandra
CinematographyKarthik Ghattamaneni
Film EditingKarthika Srinivas
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersRanjith, Haricharan, Naresh Iyer, Chinmayi
KarthikeyaNikhil Siddharth
ValliSwati Reddy
Valli's FatherTanikella Bharani
Prudhvi RajRao Ramesh
PrincipalShankar Melkote
Centuries ago, Sri Raja Keerthi Ravi Varma promises to build a huge temple for a swayambhu idol of Kartikeya if the latter saves his kingdom from drought. It regains normalcy after unexpected rains and Varma constructs a huge temple under the supervision of Vishvakarma. On the night of every Karthika Pournami, huge white light is emitted the temple since its origin and people believed it as Kartikeya's presence and blessings. Since then, Kartikeya was worshiped there on a grand scale till 2012. However the temple was closed due to few circumstances in 2013 and whoever tried to reopen it or know about it died mostly because of a snake bite or an accident making the temple a haunted place.

An endowment officer Shankar comes to know about the mystery and gets killed by a snake bite. ACP Sahadev who is investigating the case takes permission from endowment department chief Prudhvi Raj for completing the procedures. Later he receives a book which had Shankar's research on the temple's mystery. On a parallel note, Karthik is a medico and also a fearless atheist who is sent for a medical camp to Subramanyapuram where this temple is situated. He considers a BDS final year student Valli as his lucky charm who also happens to be a native of this place. The sarpanch Veerraju provides the accommodation at Dharmakartha Nilayam to the medicos group which is a very strange two floor building with a big statue of a five headed snake on its top shut since 2013. One night Karthik witnesses the death of Sahadev in an accident and gets Shankar's book there. He reads it and learns about the temple's myth but nothing about the mystery is written.

Valli's father Sastry is a religious person associated with the temple and he refuses to share anything regarding the temple with Karthik and also refuses Karthik's proposal to marry Valli whom he loved. When Karthik's family visits him, Sastry accepts his proposal to marry Valli and Karthik sends his family back next morning because of few haunting experiences last night. That day Karthik captures the snake which is trying to kill him. At the reptile department in his college, his professor explains to him, Valli and his friends that the snake is hypnotized and its target is to kill Karthik. He approaches Sastry and asks him to reveal the truth. It is known that the temple was shut because of untimely deaths in the temple because of a snake and will be closed permanently if Kartikeya does not prove his presence by emitting the light on Karthika pournami next year according to the village heads.

A Peetadhipathi at Thanjavur explains the mystery behind that huge light to Karthik and Sastry. During its construction phase Varma wanted this temple to have a unique feature as a gratitude to Kartikeya. Vishvakarma then hides Varma's precious and sacred marakathamani stone at the idol's feet and constructs the temple in such a way that moon rays on Karthika pournami night would fall on that stone which multiplies it by thousands of times thus emitting a huge light which was believed as Kartikeya's blessings. Karthik visits the temple on Karthika pournami night and there he finds that Prudhvi is the culprit. The light is emitted and the temple is reopened. Prudhvi confesses that he wanted to steal the stone and thus created a scenario of mysterious deaths by hypnotizing a snake.

Karthik is unhappy with Sastry crediting god for the temple's reopening as he solved the mystery. Sastry then says that not all the happenings were merely human acts or coincidences but also had god's interference which includes Karthik being rescued from the snake, Peetadhipathi speaking only with them among all, the old mad saint allowing only Karthik to enter the village initially etc. Karthik feels that his age is not enough to justify god's presence but for every prayer, there is a power and an answer. He sees his full name Karthikeya Kumaraswamy on his certificate at convocation, implying that he was Kartikeya's pawn in reopening the temple and saving the stone.
Release Date24-October-2014
Budget₹60 million (US$890,000)
Revenue₹200 million (US$3.0 million)

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