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Kalidasu (కాళిదాసు) 2008

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BannerAnnapurna Studios
DirectorG. Ravichandran Reddy
WriterG. Ravichandran Reddy
ProducerChinthalapudi Srinivasa Rao
Music DirectorChakri
Film EditingGoutham Raju
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersChakri, Kousalya, Ravivarma, Anuradha Sriram, Vasu, Geetha Madhuri, Devan, Baba Sehgal
Kalidasu (Sushanth) is the son of a sincere police officer (Nagababu), who is killed in the hands of a factionist (GV). However, Kalidasu kills that factionist and escapes from Rayalaseema and reaches Guntur. Kanakadurga (Jayasudha) brings him up along with her son Jai Dev (Vamsikrishna). Kalidasu helps Dev to continue his studies in Hyderabad, by turning himself a car-lifter. Baba (Chalapati Rao) buys such lifted cars. His son Basha (Sunil) also becomes his good friend. Once, Kalidasu lifts a car and finds a girl hiding in it. The girl says that her name is Mirchi (Tamannaah) and pretends that she is a lunatic. But Kalidasu does not believe that she is lunatic and suspects her that she is pretending. Once some goons led by Pratap and Ajay (Vinodkumar and Ajay) reach Guntur and take away Mirchi after killing Basha.

Kalidasu goes to Hyderabad after noticing Dev's photo with Mirchi in her mobile phone. However, after going to the college, the principal (Tanikella Bharani) reveals that Dev is killed by the goons led by a political leader (Rajan P. Dev) and his henchmen Pratap and Ajay to save the college maintained by Archana (Real name of Mirchi). Kalidasu decides to take revenge against the killers of Basha and Dev. Then Kalidasu starts his mind game and plays a trick, which makes Pratap to kill his own brothers. Later, Ajay kills his brother-in-law Pratap. In the climax, Kalidasu's trick again makes Ajay meet his own death. The film ends on a happy note as Kalidasu and Archana are in Love and lead a happy life.
Release Date11-April-2008

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