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Ji Chahta Hai (जी चाहता है) 1964

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BannerMitra Productions
DirectorBibhuti Mitra
WriterShrimati Helen Devi, D. R. Vasudev
ProducerBibhuti Mitra
Music Director Kalyanji And Anandji
CinematographyMarshall Barganza
Film EditingBimol Roy
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Mohammad Rafi , Suman Kalyanpur, Mukesh
CharacterActor / Actress
Joy Mukherjee
Rajendra Nath
Achala Sachdev
Pratima Devi
The wheel of fortune keeps on revolving eternally. As the potter mould the clay according to his own pattern, so does destiny with human lives. None can turn this stream of destiny and that is the story of JI CHAHTA HAI. . In response to an advertisement in a calcutta newspaper saying: "Wanted a young married couple without encumberances to work as companions to an elderly couple...", scores of legitimate and illegitimate and illegitimate couples applied, but as luck would have it, the job fell in thelap of Uttam & Meeta, who under pressing circumstances, ahd to pretend as husband and wife, not knowing that in reatlity they are husband and wife. . Seth Purshottam and his wife Devki welcome Uttam and Meeta into their home for the job, neither parties ever knowing their relation to each other. In reality, uttam is Seth Purshottams own son, Meeta is their daughter-in-law but at this juncture, the parents fail to recognise their son and daughter-in-law. Neither does Uttam recognise his parents nor does Meeta know that Uttam is her husband.
Release date1964
Awards: Unknown.


Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri | Music: Kalyanji And Anandji

1. Kya Kahne Mashallah Nazar Teer | क्या कहने माशाल्लाह नज़र तीर     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi , Suman Kalyanpur

2. Hum Chhod Chale Mehfil Ko | हम छोड़ चले मेहफिल को     
Voice: Mukesh

3. Hunne Dekha Hai Tumhe | हुन्ने देखा है तुम्हे     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi

4. Aye Jane Tamanna Aye Jane | आये जाने तमन्ना आये जाने     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi , Suman Kalyanpur

5. Rang Rangila Mausam Leke | रंग रंगीला मौसम लेके     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi

6. Meri Zindagi Tere Pyar Mein | मेरी ज़िन्दगी तेरे प्यार में     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi , Suman Kalyanpur

7. Kya Kahne Mashallah Nazar | क्या कहने माशाल्लाह नज़र     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi

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