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Jayeebhava (జయీభవ) 2009

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BannerNandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Arts
ProducerKalyan Ram
Music DirectorS. Thaman
Film EditingGowtham Raju
Art DirectorRajeev Nair
Camrea Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersRanjith, Naveen, Karthik, Priyadarsani, Mamatha Mohandas, Megha, Priya, Janani, Shreya Goshal, Adnan Sami, Andrea
RamKalyan Ram
AnjaliHansika Motwani
Bhavani ShankarMukesh Rishi
Ram's FriendVenu Madhav
NarasimhaJaya Prakash Reddy
Yaddu BhaiAshish Vidyarthi
Ram's GrandfatherChalapathi Rao
Bhavani Shankar (Mukesh Rishi) and Narasimha (Jaya Prakash Reddy) are rivals and two warring leaders in the same town. Ram (Kalyan Ram) gets into a fight in a pub, and returns home where we find out he is Bhavani's son. Ram gets scolded at by his father as Narasimha had warned him over the phone and said not to beat his men again. In the dark, he goes to Narasimha's house and hits him, this makes Narasimha paranoid and he tries to find out who did it. Ram decides to go back to London, and on the way to the airport he says he's going to Hong Kong which frightens his dad's friend as a big don lives there yet he lets Ram go. Anjali (Hansika Motwani) and her friend are on their way back home from a party, when someone tries to rob them, Ram sees this and saves them, which makes Anjali fall in love with him He asks for a new jacket from her as his got ripped. They go shopping for a new jacket but she doesn't have enough money to afford it, giving her an excuse to deliver it to him. Meanwhile Yadu bhai (Ashish Vidyarthi) is angry because they had lost a match which they had fixed and demands to know the reason behind it. Anjali delivers the jacket to Ram but to meet him again she breaks Ram's Friend's (Venu Madhav) Laptop. Ram meets Yadu bhai and tells him that it was him who made him lose, seeing how brave and confident Ram is Yadu bhai decides to make him his Partner in his betting business. Ram wins over his trust and they spend a lot of money for the next match, while that happens Ram meets some people personally without the knowledge of Yadu bhai. They win the match, and on the news channel one of the cricketers is saying that the match had been fixed by Yadu bhai, he finds out that Ram did this and points a gun at him, before he could shoot him the police arrive and take Yadu bhai away. While shopping for a new laptop Ram also falls in love with Anjali, the next day Anjali decides to propose to him and goes to his apartment. When she reaches the Apartment she finds out he has left for India, and feels upset as she doesn't even know where he lives in India. In India Ram's Father explains to him that it's easy to become a don but not easy to become a normal person again, so he should never try to become one, whilst they talk we see a bullet that has just missed Ram. At a temple Anjali is praying to see Ram and when she is about to leave she sees him and hugs him. Anjali's driver Balu (Ali) sees them together and Ram tricks him into helping them. Ram and Anjali are also helped by Ram's grandfather (Chalapati Rao) as he tells them that their fathers used to be the best of friend who worked in the same company and lived like one big family until Yadu bhai, who also worked there, decided to split them up. He also helps them When they decide to go into each other's houses pretending to be other people so that they can woo the family members. When both families decided to get their children married to each other (they still don't know that they are the rival's children) the same priest is called (Brahmanandam). He fixes the same date, same time and suggest two venues next to each other according to the horoscopes. When he finds out that they are the same couple Ram and Anjali trick him into helping them too. On the marriage day the horse that the priest was on goes wild and runs off, also Yadu bhai comes and as he knows that Narasimha and Bhavani are rivals he tries to get them to kill each other while he kills Ram, But his plan does not succeed as Bhavani and Narasimha realise the mistake they had made years ago and do not want to commit it again. Ram beats Yadu bhai and his men up. The film ends with the priest coming back on the horse that had taken him around the whole town and everyone laughing together.
Release Date23-October-2009

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