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Janda Pai Kapiraju (జెండాపై కపిరాజు) 2015

Janda Pai Kapiraju

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BannerVasan Visual Ventures
Music DirectorG.V.Prakash Kumar
CinematographyM.Sukumar, M. Jeevan
Film EditingS.N.Fazil
Art DirectorJacki
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersJaved Ali, Shashaa, G V Prakash Kumar, Jai Srinivas, Priya Hemesh, Hemachandra, Haricharan, Saindhavi
Character Actor/Actress
Arvind Shivashankar, Maya KannanNani
IndumathiAmala Paul
Siva Balaji
Ragini Dwivedi
Tanikella Bharani
Vennela Kishore
Sarath Kumar
Chitra Lakshmanan
Anil Murali
Parvathy Nair
Namo Narayana
Subbu Panchu
Aravind (Nani), is a well- schooled guy who has been brought up in an Gurukulam in such an atmosphere where he is been taught only good moral values and how well a person should be disciplined and sincere, basically a moralist for rules that even the slenderest deviance from the law or responsibility by others sends him into convulsions of rage. He is a citizen of incorruptible patriotism. He doesn’t want to talk through a traffic policeman and ends up with terrible experience. Indumathi (Amala Paul) gets impressed by Aravind’s attitude but wants him to change a little to live a peaceful life. After an unfortunate incident, he realizes a corrupt government system prevalent in the society and hence he is very determined to alter this political system by taking the law into his hands and wants to confront the criminals with the help of his friends. And plan to bring out the scam to the people through Television media. Due to higher pressures to stop the live telecast about scam, and they form a people’s court files the 147 person’s cases. Now the antagonists form a group and pen something evil to Aravind. Now how did Aravind achieve his goals and succeeds forms the rest of the story which is highly predictable and one of the most tried and tested subject.
Release Date21-March-2015
Budget10 Crores

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