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Ishaara (इशारा) 1964

Show details

BannerAmarnath Productions
Director K.Amarnath
WriterS.K. Prabhakar, Saghir Usmani
Producer K.Amarnath
Music Director Kalyanji And Anandji
CinematographyKeki Mistry
Film EditingVasant Borkar
Art DirectorJ.S. Pophaly
Camera OperatorR.N. Ganguly
Assistant CameramenH.G. Raju
Playback Singers Mohammad Rafi , Mukesh , Lata Mangeshkar, Mahendra Kapoor
CharacterActor / Actress
VijayJoy Mukherjee
Mala Vyjayanthimala
Mrs. KhemchandPratima Devi
Muniya Shammi
Dwarka DasMurad
Mrs. Dwarka DasPraveen Paul
Madan Rais Babita Kapoor
Shashi K. LallaKesri
Raja Amrohi
Textile Emporium's CustomerRuby Mayer
Textile Emporium's ManagerBrahm Bhardwaj
Textile Emporium's CustomerPrem Sagar
Amrit Rana
Suresh DasPran
Vijay's MotherMridula Rani
Sent to Boarding School at a very young age, Mala returns home to Delhi after 10 years to find that everything has changed. Her widowed mom has re-married wealthy Khemchand, and all of the family, which consists of sister, Shashi; brother, Deep, and a younger brother, Munna, live in a palatial house. Khemchand does business illicitly as an insurance broker, when the government decides to nationalize insurance companies, he is arrested and sentenced to 7 years in jail. His entire family is thrown out on the street, where they are taken care of by Vijay, a poor stage artist, who has fallen in love with Mala, who also has a place in her heart for him. But circumstances keep the two lovers apart, so much so that Mala is forced to refuse Vijay's help, re-locates further away from him, and joins a dance troupe. When Vijay finds out, he confronts her, and it is then Mala tells him that she is pregnant and going to have a child - a child that is definitely not of Vijay's - but of an unknown lover of Mala.
Release date1964
Awards: Unknown.


Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri | Music: Kalyanji And Anandji

1. Dil Beqarar Sa Hai (Male) | दिल बेकरार सा है     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi

2. Chal Mere Dil Laharake Chal | चल मेरे दिल लहराके चल     
Voice: Mukesh

3. Hey Abdulla Naginwala Aa Gaya | हे अब्दुल्ला नागिन्वाला आ गया     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi , Lata Mangeshkar

4. Chori Ho Gayi Raat | चोरी हो गयी रात     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar, Mahendra Kapoor

5. Tosey Naina Lagake | तोसे नैना लगाके     
Voice: Lata Mangeshka

6. Nahin Jahan Mein Nadaan | नहीं जहाँ में नादान     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar, Mahendra Kapoor

7. Dil Beqarar Sa Hai (Female) | दिल बेकरार सा है     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

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