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Gupt (गुप्त) 1997


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BannerTrimurti Films
DirectorRajiv Rai
WriterShabbir Boxwala
ProducerGulshan Rai,Rajiv Rai
Orginal musicViju Shah
CinematographyAshok Mehta
Film EditingRajiv Rai
Art DirectorBijon Das Gupta
Camera OperatorRamakant Soni
Assistant CameramenVasant Pawar,Sunil Wankhede,Narayan Yadav
Playback Singers Udit Narayan ,Sunita Rao,Alka Yagnik,Kavita Krishnamurthy, Chetan,Hema,Kumar Sanu,Sadhana Sargam
Sahil SinhaBobby Deol
Sheetal ChoudhryManisha Koirala
Isha DiwanKajol
Gov. Jaisingh SinhaRaj Babbar
Ishwar DiwanParesh Rawal
Insp. NeelkanthSadashiv Amrapurkar
MantriPrem Chopra
Insp. Udham SinghOm Puri
Dr. GandhiKulbhushan Kharbanda
Meghnath Choudhry (Sheetal's dad)Dalip Tahil
Mantri's bodyguardMukesh Rishi
JailerTej Sapru
PhoolchandHarish Patel
Havaldar PanduAshok Saraf
Commissioner PatwardhanAnjan Srivastav
Bounty hunterVishwajeet Pradhan
Dinesh Anand
Thanawala's servantDinesh Hingoo
Sharda Sinha (Sahil's mom)Priya Tendulkar
Boat organiserBob Christo
Lawyer ThanawalaRaza Murad
Vilas RaoSharat Saxena
Usman Khan
Sahil's younger brotherMaster Harsh Lunia
Mrs. ChoudhryAparajita
Sahil (Bobby Deol) does not get along with his stepfather Jaisingh Sinha (Raj Babbar), the Governor and goes out of his way to antagonise him, even though his stepfather makes every effort to reach out to him.

At around this time he meets the beautiful Sheetal (Manisha Koirala) and is also, at the same time, reacquainted with his childhood friend, Isha (Kajol). Sahil and Isha soon fall in love and Sheetal begins to fall for him too. Knowing this, their fathers arrange an engagement between her and Sahil, to be announced at his birthday party. Sahil, however, intends to announce his marriage to Isha on the same day.

Upon hearing his stepfather's announcement, Sahil picks up a knife in a fit of rage and almost stabs him. He also openly declares his love for Isha. The next day Sahil, wanting a direct confrontation on the matter, finds his stepfather stabbed to death. All that is found at the crime scene is a locket. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, all evidence points to him and he ends up being framed for murder and being sent to jail. Wanting to prove his innocence, he eventually escapes from prison and starts looking for clues along with Sheetal's help. However, a rogue police officer, Udham Singh (Om Puri) is assigned to his case and he takes up the task of nabbing Sahil, by hook or by crook.

Sahil starts going through the suspects but with no clue as to who is the killer. One by one all the people who had testified against Sahil in the court are either hospitalized or killed, including Dr. Gandhi (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), the family doctor, who intended to tell Sahil something important. Eventually, Vilas Rao, (Sharat Saxena), reveals to Sahil that Mantriji (Prem Chopra) had murdered his father. As he, along with Isha is interrogating the Mantri, Sheetal arrives and states that Uddham Singh has arreseted Isha's father, Ishwar Diwan (Paresh Rawal) who had confessed to the two murders when the former pointed out to incriminating evidence in Isha's house, in the form of two Kashmiri knives, missing from a set. Isha is distraught and goes to the police station to meet her dad. Sahil returns to his mother and his home. He stays up trying to uncover the mystery surrounding the locket which was found at the crime scene.

At the same time, the same killer is seen approaching Uddham Singh's house. Sahil's younger brother mananges to open the locket. Sahil finds small pictures of himself and Isha in the locket and realizes, to his horror, that Isha is the killer. The camera then pans to Uddham Singh's house, where Isha is seen standing behind Uddham Singh and subsequently stabbing him.

Sahil goes to the police station and meets Isha's father, who explains that he knew of this all along. The psychological impact of being separated from Sahil at a very young age and also her love for him being thwarted and mocked by the Governor, had prompted Isha, in a jealous, uncontrollable and obsessive rage, to kill him, and subsequently Dr. Gandhi who had been behind Isha and Sahil's separation in the first place and who wanted to tell Sahil the very same the night he had been killed. Further more, he had arranged an escape for her and Sahil when Dr. Gandhi had been murdered. Isha had done this merely because of her unconditional love for Sahil and the fact that she could not stand being separated from Sahil any longer and could go to any extent for him (even having murdered Dr. Gandhi's dog many years before, since it had bitten Sahil). Her father, being bound to his responsibility as a father and love for his daughter, had kept all of this a secret. As he explains everything, the police officers appear and tell Sahil that there's been another murder. Sahil realises what Isha has done and quickly goes to Sheetal's house, knowing she is next.

Sheetal is unaware of what's happened and while on the phone sees Isha standing near the door. During a slightly conversation, Sheetal discovers a knife in Isha's hand. There is a struggle between the two, but Sahil manages to get there in time (having fought an assassin who had been hired by the scared Mantri, to whom Vilas Rao had confessed his mistake) . Also Udham Singh, knowing the same reality as Sahil, reaches the house from the hospital and shoots Isha in the back. As she lays dying in his arms, Isha confesses her love for him and states that she had been scared that she would be separated from Sahil again. Sahil merely acknowledges grief by saying that all of this had been unnecessary. He had been hers all along. As he says this, she asks him to hug her one last time and dies in his arms.
Release DateAugust 15, 1997
1997 was one of the most successful years for Bollywood with hits like Border, Dil to Pagal Hai, Pardes, Yes Boss, Virasat, Ziddi, Ishq and Gupt: The Hidden Truth. Gupt won three Filmfare Awards and was nominated in five other categories. Gupt was also the fourth largest blockbuster of the year after Border, Dil To Pagal Hai and Pardes. Kajol was the first woman in Filmfare Award history to receive the Best Villain award.
1997 Filmfare Awards

Best Villain - Kajol
Best Background Score - Viju Shah
Best Editing - Rajiv Rai

1997 Filmfare Nomination

Best Director - Rajiv Rai
Best Movie - Gulshan Rai
Best Music Director - Viju Shah
Best Female Playback - Alka Yagnik
Best Supporting Actor - Om Puri

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