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Gundello Godari (గుండెల్లో గోదారి) 2013

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BannerManchu Entertainment
DirectorKumar Nagendra
WriterKumar Nagendra
ProducerLakshmi Manchu
Music DirectorIlaiyaraaja
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersIlaiyaraaja, Hemachandra, Andrea Jeremiah, Geetha Madhuri, Bhavatharini, Mano, Anitha, Ramya NSK, Sri Vardhini.
SuriSundeep Kishan
ChitraLakshmi Manchu
ChitraLaxmi Manchu
SaralaTapsee Pannu
MalliAadhi Pinisetty
The story of the film is loosely based on a novel named ‘Godavari Kathalu’, written by BVS Rama Rao. The film is set in 1986, in Bangarappeta village near Rajahmundry. Malli (Aadhi) and Chitra (Lakshmi Manchu) are a newly wed couple who are forced to battle it out against a devastating flood of the River Godavari. They lose all hope of survival, so they decide to narrate the darkest moments of their lives to each other after they find a support to rest on.
First Malli narrates his story to Chitra. Malli is an honest fisherman who works under Sambasivayya, a shrewd man at the port. Malli’s ambition is to own a fishing boat for which he strives hard. Once, his encounter with Sarala (Taapsee Pannu), the daughter of Sambasivayya, leads to certain disturbances in his life as Sarala, who lusts after Malli, blackmails him to escort her to a film and if not, she will report their intimacy to her father. Malli escorts her and finally tells that her that he can’t go much further as his life and ambition is getting disturbed due to her. That night, police arrest Malli for preparing illegal ganja. Malli is kicked out of the job, his mother loses confidence in him and further, he comes to know that Chandra, a fellow fisherman did that and Malli is falsely blamed. Chandra, after hardly beaten up by Malli, confesses that Sambasivayya has ordered him to do so as he felt that Sarala and Malli are in love. An Enraged Malli goes to Sambasivayya’s home to settle the scores but finds that he isn’t there in the town. Sarala challenges an inebriated Malli as he is walking away after threatening to outrage her modesty by saying, “You seem to have forgotten that you are a man after the beating you got from police due to my dad.” Thus Malli makes love with Sarala that night only due to his anger on her dad and finds that Sarala is going to marry soon.
Chitra, after patiently listening to his story, starts telling her story. Chitra was found helpless by a couple when she was 4 years old. They took her to their house and Chitra started being friendly with their son Suri. Due to financial problems, Suri’s mother starts an illegitimate relationship with the town’s doctor in order to gain money, which was misunderstood by Suri. Thus Suri started hating his mother along with his father, getting much closer to Chitra. Years passed by and Suri (Sundeep Kishan), a fully grown man, is a mason and is extremely fond of cock-fights and Chitra works under Dhorababu (Ravi Babu), a womaniser. One day, Chitra along with Suri’s mother go to the doctor’s clinic. There, the doctor behaves with Chitra in an ugly manner and the ladies exit the clinic, which is seen by Suri. Suri misunderstands that Chitra is also romantically involved with the doctor and starts roaming with Bangari (Suja Varunee) a native of that town, much to the agony of Chitra. Meanwhile Suri’s mother passes away and Chitra’s marriage is held with an old man. Chitra pleads Suri to revoke the marriage and Suri refuses by saying about what he saw at the doctor’s place. Chitra tells the truth, thus leading a change of Suri’s heart. That night, Dhorababu tries to molest Chitra only to be attacked by Suri. Suri proposes to Chitra but is attacked by his father. Suri attempts to kill his father but instead is hurt fatally by a rod. Though Chitra reaches the hospital with Suri, she finds that the same doctor, who was lusting for her, is the doctor there. She offers herself for a night and the doctor goes to treat him. Suri dies of extreme blood loss and Chitra attacks the doctor by pouring hot water on him.
Thus, Malli and Chitra, after narrating their stories to each other, realize their Love and wish to live together. But as fate would have it, the support breaks and both are drowned in the flood. Malli succeeds in finding a bridge and stands on it. He finds Chitra passing by and rescues her. Both reach the top of the bridge and are filled with joy that they are alive and are together. They throw the ring gifted by Sarala and the chain presented by Dhorababu on their marriage into the flood and start crossing the bridge in the end.

Release Date08-March-2013
Budget₹5 Crore

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