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Gouravam (గౌరవం) 2013

Gouravam 2013

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BannerPrakash Raj Productions
DirectorRadha Mohan
WriterRadha Mohan
ProducerPrakash Raj
Music DirectorS. Thaman
Film EditingI J Alen
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersHaricharan, Suchitra, Mallikarjun Rao, Vardhani, Thaman, Muralidhar, Deepu
Character Actor/Actress
YaminiYami Gautam
PasupathyPrakash Raj
ArjunAllu Sirish
Arjun (Allu Sirish) is a rich kid who has all the luxuries in life. One day, his dad sends him to a village called T Vennure for some business work. As Arjun's best friend Shanmugam also hails from that village, Arjun happily accepts to go there. On landing in the village, Arjun comes to know that his friend Shanmugam has eloped with Rajeswari, the daughter of Pashupathy (Prakash Raj), a rich land lord in the village who is hell bent to save his family's prestige always, and is missing from the past six months. After meeting Shanmugam's father (L.B. Sriram) and finding out some bitter truths about Shanmugam, Arjun decides to stay in the village and find his missing friend. A young lawyer Yazhini (Yami Gautam) assists him in his work. After finding a strong opposition from Pasupathy's son Saravanan (Harish) and Palani (Brahmaji), Arjun along with his friend Venky (Sricharan) and Yazhini assemble all their college friends as a group along with the neighbour village youth as a group to find the mystery behind Shanmugam and Rajeswari's absence from the village, only to know that they were killed and buried at the grounds of a Damaged Monument. Arjun stays back there to find out the reason behind the couple's death. After finding a help from Pasupathy's wife (Pavitra Lokesh) and Daughter in Law (Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli), Arjun files a case with the help of Yazhini. The case, though interrupted many times due to Saravanan's men, including the town's police, remains steady due to the efforts of Arjun and his friends. A fine day, on the request of Pasupathy's wife, Palani promises to help Arjun in the mystery. As promised he helps them by narrating the incidents happened actually.

After knowing the truth from Ram Babu (Palani's character in Telugu), Arjun and Venky rush to the court along with Ram Babu, only to be attacked by Jagapathi (Saravanan's character in Telugu) in the mid way. A Combat takes place between Arjun and Jagapathi and while both were exhausted almost, Arjun's friends rush to the spot thus making Jagapathi and his men escape from there. Now Ram Babu and a Blood-stained Arjun go to Pasupathi's home to tell the truth. Ram Babu starts narrating what happened. The night Rajeswari eloped with Shankar, Pasupathi orders Jagapathi and Ram Babu to bring her back home. They find her with Shankar in a Bus and take them to a Cold Storage. There while Jagapathi mercilessly thrashes Shankar, Rajeswari stops him and holds Shankar's hand and tells that she can't live without him. In a fit of rage, Jagapathi cuts Rajeswari's hand with a Sword. While Ram Babu could know what was happening, the couple is killed by Jagapathi. Paupathi and his family, who were not at all aware about this, experience a bitter shock. Later on Jagapathi arrives who confesses the truth saying he did it to save their family's Prestige. A completely changed Pasupathi, kills Jagapathi by shooting him after realising his mistake. He then surrenders to the Police Voluntarily. Arjun depressed by the events is solaced by Shankar's father. This incident brings a change in the upper caste persons and thus integrating themselves with the Lower caste persons.
Release Date19-April-2013
Revenue₹29.65 million (US$450,000)

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