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Geetanjali (గీతాంజలి) 1989

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BannerBhaghyalaxmi Enterprises
DirectorMani Rathnam
WriterMani Rathnam
ProducerC Praveen Kumar Reddy, P. R. Prasad
Orginal musicIlayaraja
CinematographyP C Sriram
Film EditingB Lenin, VT Vijayan
Art DirectorThota Tharani
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersS.P.Balasubrahmanyam , Chaitra, S.Janaki
CharacterActor / Actress
GeetanjaliGirija Shettar
Father's of GeetanjaliVijay Kumar
Father's of PrakashVijay Chandhar
Prakash (Nagarjuna), a carefree, mischievous student graduates from College. During his celebration with his friends, he gets into a road accident. Although the accident is only minor, during medical tests, he is diagnosed with terminal cancer and has no chance of survival after a few months. Unable to hear his mothers constant crying, he packs his bags and leaves to live in his familys vacation home in Ooty for a few weeks. Soon he notices a girl, Geethanjali (Girija), playing a prank on a guy who asks her out. Geethanjali, asks that person to meet her in a cemetery at midnight to elope together but when he comes to meet her, she along with her sisters and friends plan out an elaborate prank dressed up as Ghosts to scare him away. When she tries to pull the same prank on Prakash, who is already ready for this, pulls a bigger prank on her by dressing himself as a vampire and along with aerial wire stunts, scares her. They start to form a bond because of their mutual attempts to pull pranks on each other. Geethanjalis father also happens to be Prakashs doctor and during one of his check-ups he spots her in the hospital. Curious, he breaks into her fathers cabinet to read her medical files. To his dismay, he finds out that she too has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This intrigues him as she is always happy and energetic. This makes him fall in love with her and also teaches him to take his own impending death in his stride and live life to the fullest. When Geethanjali learns about Prakashs wrongdoing, she feels that her trust was broken and refuses to see him even she comes down with illness. Prakashs repeated attempts to visit her are rebuffed by her. When her illness becomes severe and she has to be transferred to another city, she finally relents and sees prakash. The movie ends as both embrace each other in the train station.

Release date19-May-1989
The film won 7 Nandi awards including the Best Film, Best Cameraman, Best Storywriter, Best Art Direction, Best Comedian, and Best Choreography. The film also won the Best Entertainer of the Year at national level. Producer C.L. Narasa Reddy received the award from the President R. Venkataraman at the 37th National Awards function. The film was widely appreciated by critics for its direction and production values

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