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Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 (गैंग्स ऑफ़ वासेपुर 2) 2012

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BannerViacom 18 Motion Pictures
DirectorAnurag Kashyap
WriterZeishan Quadri, Sachin Ladia, Anurag Kashyap
ProducerAnurag Kashyap, Sunil Bohra, Guneet Monga
Music DirectorSneha Khanwalkar
CinematographyRajeev Ravi
Film EditingShweta Venkat Matthew
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSneha Khanwalkar, Piyush Mishra, Bhupesh Singh, Rasika D Rani, Padmashree Sharda Sinha, Robbie Styles, Durga - 12Yrs
Character Actor/Actress
Sardar KhanManoj Bajpayee
Nagma KhatoonRicha Chadda
Faizal KhanNawazuddin Siddiqui
Ramadhir SinghTigmanshu Dhulia
Asgar KhanJameel Khan
Nasir AhmedPiyush Mishra
Shahid KhanJaideep Ahlawat
MohsinaHuma Qureshi
DefiniteZeishan Quadri
Ehsaan QureshiVipin Sharma
J.P. SinghSatyakam Anand
PerpendicularAditya Kumar
ShamshadRajkummar Rao
Danish KhanVineet Singh
Nawab KhanMukesh Chhabra
The film resumes with the killing of Sardar Khan. Danish, his elder son instantly kills the lone captured killer and vows to kill rest of the three killers. Sultan realizing the danger kills Danish. It is now up to Faizal to exact revenge. No one in the family thinks that Faizal would be able to do that since most of the time he is seen smoking weed, but he promises his mother that he would. Faizal stays low and waits for right opportunity. When his friend Fazlu (who had earlier leaked the news of Sardar Khan's visit to Durga ultimately leading to his death in the first part), wins local election Faizal meets him on pretext of congratulating him and kills him. This establishes that Faizal can indeed lead his father's business. Meanwhile Faizal marries his sweetheart Mohsina. Wasseypur is no more the town that was once consumed by the raging war between Sardar Khan and Ramadhir Singh. It has spawned a new generation of money squandering lobbyists, turning into foolhardy gangs overnight. A small time goon Shamshad Alam has his own transport business. He joins hands with Faizal Khan in his steel business. The deal is that Shamshad would fill Faizal's coffers with his astute knowledge of his scrap business and support Faizal's business with his transport business. Simultaneously Faizal makes truce with Ramadhir Singh. According to their agreement, Ramadhir would provide his political support to Faizal's business in Wasseypur region on condition he would not exact revenge of his kin. Although he is sympathetic with Sultan initially, he informs Sultan of the agreement and that he would be of little help to him. Ramadhir meanwhile is losing his faith in his son's (J.P.) ability to run his empire and J.P. often finds himself in line of fire for his inability. This results in waning of J.P.'s prominence and influence.Faizal's half brother Definite is turning out to be deadly as well as very cunning teenager. After death of Sardar Khan his mother (Durga) works as a cook at Ramadhir Singh's place and hence Ramadhir Singh thinks he has influence over Definite. Faizal's younger brother Perpendicular a school going teenager, is creating a menace in locality by looting shops in broad daylight. Although courageous like his father, he is stupid. Harassed with his antics, local shopkeepers Hire Sultan to assassinate Perpendicular. Shamshad on the other hand is keeping Faizal in dark about the transactions and pocketing some part of the profit for himself. One fine day his scheme is exposed and he is tensed. He decides to partner with Ramadhir Singh to save his skin. Faizal is arrested through Shamshad and at sametime Sultan kills Perpendicular. Definite feels that this is the right time to step into shoes of Faizal and before Shamshad claims this position he would have to kill him. Definite's gun jams right in the middle of the assassination attempt and he has to run for his life. Unfortunately he runs into bogey full of army personnel and sent to same jail, where he meets Faizal. Ramadhir advises Shamshad to bail Definite out of the jail and then instigate him against his own brother for his empire. Faizal realizes the plan and cautions Definite before he leaves the jail. Definite straight away bombs Shamshad's office in which Shamshad is badly injured and loses his leg. Sultan is cautioned by JP when Faizal is about to be released from jail and advices him to hit him before Faizal hits him. So Sultan along with his gang raids the house of Faizal and the first scene of part 1 is shown where Sultan is fiercely pounding Faizal's home with bombs and bullets. It is revealed that Faizal and his entire family has a lucky escape. Later Sultan is double crossed by JP and has run into hiding. Sultan then kills Nagma and Asghar (Faizal's mother and uncle) in the market in broad day light. Definite along with Faizal's gang track him down and kill him. On advice of Faizal, Definite surrenders and is jailed. Meanwhile Iqlakh an educated man enters Faizal's life. Iqlakh is actually a pawn of Ramadhir, who wants to exact revenge of forced divorce of his parent done by Sardar Khan and his father was later forced to marry the woman he had raped(Shown in part 1). Faizal initially impressed with Iqlakh skills is later made aware of Iqlakh's background, but decides to play along. Iqlakh has astute knowledge of business and bags scrap auction by force. This brings lot of profit on the table for Faizal without any risk, good enough for him to neglect Definite. This is actually a strategy of Ramadhir to create rift between Faizal and Definite. Iqlakh advices Faizal to enter politics, to give political protection to all his activities. Faizal decides to contest from Ramadhir's constituency to exact his revenge. With illegal profiteering through scrap trade auctions over the Internet, corrupt government officials, election rigging and hooliganism, the town gets murkier. Here Definite is frustrated in jail as he is not able to reach Faizal. Ramadhir for the first time is shaken by Faizal, with his decision to enter politics from his own constituency. He feels that it is time to use his ace pawn Durga and assures her that her son would retain his father's empire. Through JP he brokers a deal with Definite and bails him out of the jail. J.P. meanwhile has other plans and wants to double cross his father, of whom he is tired of with his insulting slurs. Definite goes straight to Faizal and informs him of the plan. As per the plan on the polling day Faizal is to be killed by Iqlakh and if he misses Definite has to take the hit. On the D-day Iqlakh leads Faizal to an isolated place for the hit and Definite arrives late on the scene. Here Definite double crosses Iqlakh and kills him. Later Faizal & Definite take an ambulance with large cache of weapons and heads towards the hospital where Shamshad is admitted and Ramadhir is there to hatch his new plan. A ruthless blood bath takes place in the hospital between gangs of Faizal, Ramadhir and the police. Ramadhir is easily outclassed by Faizal. Rest of the gang members are dead, while Faizal and Definite are arrested. En route to prison the police halts at roadside restaurant for refreshments, leaving Faizal alone in the police van. Next we see unsuspecting Faizal shot dead by Definite. It is later revealed that JP was the architect of the massacre and Definite is seen free, walking towards his mother. Towards the end it's shown that Mohsina and Nasir are living in Mumbai with Faizal's young son.
Release Date8-August-2012
Budget₹9.2 crore
Revenue₹43.9 crore
Nominated :

International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) :
Performance in a Leading Role (Female) (2013): Huma Qureshi

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