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Fanaa (फना) 2006

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BannerYash Raj Films
DirectorKunal Kohli
WriterAbbas Tyrewala, Shibani Bathija
ProducerAditya Chopra
Production executiveSanjay Shivalkar
Music DirectorJatin-Lalit
CinematographyRavi K. Chandran
Film EditingRitesh Soni
Art DirectorNitish Roy
Camera Operator
Assistant CameramenNeha Parti Matiyani, Manush Nandan
Playback Singers Shaan , Kailash Kher, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan , Mahalakshmi Iyer, Babul Supriyo , D.J. Aqeel
Rehan Qadri Aamir Khan
Zooni Ali Beg Kajol
Zulfikar Ali BegRishi Kapoor
Dr. Malini Tyagi Tabu
Nafisa Ali Beg Kirron Kher
Zeenat Lara Dutta
Major Suraj AhujaShiney Ahuja
Colonel Maan Singh Satish Shah
Helen - Zooni's InstructorLillete Dubey
Susheel RawatSharat Saxena
Naana - Rehan's maternal grandpaAhmed Khan
BalwaanVrajesh Hirjee
Inspector Jolly Good Singh Jaspal Bhatti
Rubina 'Ruby'Gautami Kapoor
FattyShruti Seth
Mehbooba 'Bobo'Sanaya Irani
RehanAli Haji
Venkateshwar Atti Cooper RaoSuresh Menon
AakashNaveen Bawa
Eye DoctorSohrab Ardeshir
Defence MinisterShishir Sharma
Defence SecretarySalim Shah
Chief MinisterDeepak Shroff
Captain Ijaz KhanPuneet Vashist
Tourist at Humayun's TombSavita Bhatti
Naana's Associate 1Akshai Puri
Naana's Associate 2Abhay Singh
TV ReporterRupali Tiwari
Taxi DriverMohd Afif Iszuddin B Ismail
Captain RanjeevNitin Shingal
Officer 1 in ChopperPrubidal Singh Pannu
Officer 2 in ChopperAnix Vyas
Officer 3 in ChopperRaxit Patel
Zooni Ali Beg (Kajol) is a blind Kashmiri girl who travels without her parents for the first time with a dance troupe to Delhi to perform in a ceremony for Independence Day. On her journey, she meets Rehan Khan (Aamir Khan), a Casanova tour guide who flirts with her. Although her friends warn Zooni about him, she cannot resist falling in love. He takes her on a private tour of New Delhi. They both share a their first and last date where both share a romantic song and slip into bed together with no strings attached. The next day Rehan wakes up to realise he slept with Zooni and feels guilty but Zooni explains to Rehan that she does not have any regrets of having pre-marital sex. She also tells Rehan that she doesn't expect anything from him. However, as soon as the train departs, Rehan slips into the train and, with the blessing of her friends, carries Zooni away, seemingly signifying the beginning of their life together. With Rehan's encouragement, Zooni undergoes surgery to reverse her blindness. Rehan leaves to pick up Zooni's parents from the train station, promising to be there when she opens her eyes.

When Zooni does come out of surgery, her parents are there, but Rehan is missing. A terrible accident has occurred, seemingly orchestrated by a terrorist group fighting for a separate Kashmiri state. The police bring her a scrap of cloth, which she recognizes as a sweater she'd made for Rehan, discovered amongst the debris. Rehan is presumed dead, and the mourning, guilt-ridden Zooni returns to Kashmir. It is revealed that Rehan is actually an agent working for the terrorist group and is to begin a new mission, vowing never to see Zooni again because their relationship can bring her nothing but heartbreak.

Seven years later, the terrorists are about to pull off a huge strike as a part of their plan. With parts stolen from India, Pakistan and Russia, they hope to build a nuclear explosive device. This device is capable of destroying a whole city and they plan to use it pressure India and Pakistan into leaving Kashmir. A critical part is missing though: the detonator or electronic trigger device. A still-living Rehan, who had faked his death to cover up his tracks after the accident (which he had caused), is to bring in this trigger.

Rehan has infiltrated the Indian army unit that is taking the trigger back to Delhi to safeguard it from theft by the insurgents. During a helicopter transport in a remote area, he drugs his colleagues, steals the trigger, destroys the helicopter with a hand grenade and escapes by parachute. A key intelligence operative named Malini Tyagi (Tabu) realizes who he is and deploys forces to stop him. He is nearly killed by the troops but escapes. Tyagi orders a communications blackout in the area so that he will not be able to contact the IKF.

Exhausted, wounded, and incommunicado with a storm building, Rehan seeks shelter in a remote house. He is shocked to find that the house belongs to Zooni, her father, and Zooni's young son, whom she has named Rehan after his supposedly deceased father. Zooni has never seen Rehan, as she was blind when they met, and her father had never met him, having not come to Delhi until the day of Rehan's supposed death, so neither of them recognizes him. The child Rehan is very taken with the man, whom he calls "the dead man" (and later, to Zooni's distress, asks if he can call him "Papa"), and the adult Rehan likewise develops an affection for the little boy. Later, Rehan admits to his identity, though he cannot explain what he has done for the seven years since they parted, or why he played dead. Nevertheless, he still loves Zooni and she eventually realizes that she too loves him, and they marry in a simple ceremony performed by her father.

Soon afterward, through a TV broadcast, Zooni and her father separately discover that Rehan is the terrorist for whom a manhunt is in progress. Zooni's father drives Rehan to an Army friend's house. supposedly so Rehan can contact the army, but when they arrive he tries to arrest Rehan. They struggle and Zooni's father falls off a cliff to his death. Rehan uses the radio to contact the IKF who tell him they will send a pick-up helicopter the next morning. When the army officer discovers Rehan in his home, Rehan kills him too.

Zooni finds her father dead, floating by under the ice in the river near which Zooni and her son are playing. When Rehan returns home, and tells her that her father is at the army officer's house drinking rum, she suspects that Rehan killed him. She takes the trigger and young Rehan to the army friend's house, and upon finding the army officer dead, radios the army. Tyagi apprises her of the seriousness of the danger, and the risk to millions of lives should the IKF get the device. She tells Zooni she will send an army helicopter to pick her up in the morning.

When morning comes, before the army or the terrorists arrive, Rehan appears, having walked all night from Zooni's house. He tries to convince Zooni to give him the trigger, saying that the terrorists will torture and kill young Rehan if they don't get it. Finally he takes the trigger, promising her that no one will actually set off the bomb ("It's just a threat") and that this is the only way they can have a happy future together. Grieved, but determined to stop him, Zooni runs out of the house after him and shoots him, crying "I love you, Rehan". Rehan's grandfather, witnessing the event from a helicopter, trains his gun on Zooni, but Tyagi arrives in time in another helicopter and shoots the terrorist leader and the helicopter down. Rehan dies in Zooni's arms as Tyagi lands.

The final scene shows Zooni and little Rehan laying flowers on the graves of Rehan (Sr) and Mr. Ali Beg. Rehan asks if his father was a bad man, and Zooni tells him that he was doing what he felt was right. Rehan kisses his father's grave and tells him that he loves him. Zooni tells her son, "It is easy to choose between right and wrong. But to choose the greater of two goods or the lesser of two evils... those are the choices of our life," recalling a line quoted by her father near the beginning of the film.
Release date26-May-06
BudgetRs. 30 crore
RevenueRs. 104.14 crore
Filmfare Awards
Filmfare Best Actress Award - Kajol
Best Male Playback - Shaan - Chand Sifarish
Best Lyricist - Prasoon Joshi
Zee Cine Awards
Zee Cine Award Best Actor- Female - Kajol
Zee Cine Award Best Playback Singer- Male - Shaan - Chand Sifarish
IIFA Awards
Best Lyricist -Prasoon Joshi
Best Male Playback- Shaan
Star Screen Awards
Best Male Playback - Shaan

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