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Drishyam (दृश्यम) 2015


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BannerPanorama Studios
DirectorNishikant Kamat
WriterUpendra Sidhaye
ProducerKumar Mangat Pathak, Ajit Andhare, Abhishek Pathak
Music DirectorVishal Bhardwaj
CinematographyAvinash Arun
Film EditingAarif Sheikh
Art DirectorRita Ghosh
Camera Operator
Assistant CameramenArchana Ghangrekar, Kumar Saurabh
Playback SingersAsh King, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Rekha Bhardwaj, KK, Arijit Singh
Character Actor/Actress
Vijay SalgaonkarAjay Devgn
Nandini SalgaonkarShriya Saran
Meera DeshmukhTabu
Mahesh DeshmukhRajat Kapoor
Anju SalgaonkarIshita Dutta
Anu SalgaonkarMrunal Jadhav
Sr. PI Shrikant PrabhuPrasanna Ketkar
Inspector Vinayak SawantYogesh Sonam
JosePrathamesh Parab
Sameer DeshmukhRishabh Chaddha
New Senior InspectorAshish Warang
Satish NaikAnil Nagarkar
Swami ChinmayanandjiTarun Shukla
School PrincipalSmita Inamdar
ACP Allwin RegoSanjay Bhatia
New Police Station HawaldarMahesh Rale
Nandini's FatherAjit Satbhai
Nandini's MotherAmruta Satbhai
Martin UncleSharad Bhutadiya
Old Uncle at Martin'sPradeep Sharma
DigambarJalender Ghagre
SalviShiva Naik
AlexVikas Kumar
PeterAnil Rasal
Cell Phone Shop OwnerRakesh Yadav
Habeas Corpus LawyerSonika Chopra
Habeas Corpus ClientHaji Karim
Contractor RaneSamar Parshuram
Kadamba Bus ConductorRajesh More
Private Bus ConductorAbhay Khadapkar
Lodge Owner ManagerSachin Pathak
Waiter at Chinese StallTanik Singh
Ashok Hotel ManagerKishor Jayakar
Cyber Cell KanvindeRatnesh Mani
India TV ReporterSarita Singh
News AnchorNishta
Tracing Sub-InspectorManoj Mishra
Tracing InspectorTagore Babu
Parcel Delivery BoyRegidi Venkataramana Naidu
Mason at Vijay's Store RoomJayram Behera
Police Constable Who Delivers FaxMachhindra Bhaskar
Pick-Up CopSailesh
Police Jeep DriverCyril Colaco
Auto DriverDilip Angre
Hanging CriminalSachin Gujjar
Quarky Worker with Broken ChappalVipin Kumar Singh
Patron at Ashok RestaurantDivya Shreshtha
Man Being HarassedRajkumar Yadav
Guard at Guest House GateSatish Trivedi
Guy Reading NewspaperManik Rao
Guy Watching News at Martin'sVignesh Shetty
1st Guy in ATMManoj Mishra
1st Girl in ATMVibhuti Chamria
2nd Guy in ATMPritesh Shanbhag
Patron #1 at Pizza PalourKirti Kolwankar
Patron #2 at Pizza PalourDivya Babbar
IP's Officer 1 in Meera CabinAshok Beniwal
IP's Officer 2 in Meera CabinArun Sakpal
Interrogator #1Satish Deshmukh
Interrogator #2Pradeep Dalvi
Interrogator #3Anil Rabade
Interrogator #4Sandeep Pandey
Digging Worker #1Lakhan Kachole
Digging Worker #2Sunil Pawar
Neighbour #1Yogesh Joshi
Neighbour #2Pankaj
Brother of AccusedKarim Hajee
Shriya's brotherHimanshu Joshi
Inspector GaitondeKamlesh Sawant
Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay Devgn) is an orphan who had dropped out of school after his 4th grade. Now he is a contented successful businessman running a cable TV service called Mirage Cable in Pondolem, Goa. He is married to Nandini (Shriya Saran), and they have two daughters, Anju, his adopted daughter (Ishita Dutta), a class twelve student, and Anu, a class six student. His only interest apart from his family is watching films. He spends most of his time in front of the TV in his small office.

During a nature camp, a hidden cell phone camera records Anju changing clothes in the bathroom. The culprit, Sam aka Sameer (Rishabh Chaddha), is the son of Inspector General of Goa Police, Meera Deshmukh (Tabu). Sam comes to blackmail Anju for sexual favors when Vijay is not home. Nandini intervenes and pleads with Sam to leave their family alone, but Sam refuses to leave them or delete the video clip unless his demand is fulfilled. In an attempt to break the offending cell phone, Anju takes a swing at Sam with a lead pipe, but she strikes him in the head instead, killing him immediately. They hide his body in a compost pit, which is witnessed by Anu. At morning, Nandini tells Vijay about the incident and he devises a way to save his family from the police. He removes the broken cell phone and disposes of Sam's car, which is seen by the corrupt Sub-Inspector Laxmikant Gaitonde (Kamlesh Sawant), who has a grudge against Vijay. The next day, Vijay takes his family out on a trip to Panjim, where they visit an Ashram, watch a movie, and eat at a restaurant. Meera, realising that her son has gone missing, starts an investigation.

After a preliminary investigation, Meera calls Vijay and family for questioning. Having predicted that the police would come calling eventually, Vijay coaches his family on how to face the interrogations without raising suspicion. When questioned individually, the family sticks to their individual stories and the police are unable to find a crack in their alibis. Vijay produces bus tickets, movie tickets, lodging and restaurant bills as proof for the family's visit to Panaji. Meera questions the owners of the establishments they have been to and their statements prove Vijay's alibi. Meera realizes that on the day of the incident, Vijay had taken the tickets and the bill, made acquaintance with the owners and had gone for the trip with his family the next day, thus proving his alibi and making the owners unwittingly tell the lie.

Meera has the Salgaonkar family arrested, and Gaitonde uses brute force to beat the truth out of them though Vijay, Nandini and Anju resist. Meanwhile, Meera finds out about Sam and his video of Anju from Sam's friend, Alex. Eventually, Anu gives in and reveals that she has seen a body being buried in the compost pit. After digging the compost pit, the authorities find the carcass of a dog, indicating that Vijay had moved the body. Vijay reports to the media that Gaitonde physically abused both his daughters and complains against Gaitonde, causing an angry mob to beat up Gaitonde. The Sub-inspector is suspended, Meera resigns from her post, and the entire investigating force of the Pondolem Police Station is transferred out. When Nandini asks Vijay about what he did to the body, he refuses to tell her, saying that she does not need to know that information. Meera and her husband Mahesh (Rajat Kapoor) meet Vijay to ask forgiveness for their rude and violent behavior. But Vijay explains to them that he would go to any lengths to protect his family. Vijay tells Meera that her son came to Vijay's family as an "uninvited guest," who was causing chaos in his happy family life and Vijay has sent him to a place from where "he cannot return." Vijay, now in remand, signs a register at the newly constructed local police station. The new police inspector threatens Vijay that he shall find the body. As Vijay leaves, a flashback reveals that he has hidden Sam's body under the floor of the police inspector's room in the new station.
Release Date31-July-2015
Budget₹62 crore (US$9.2 million)
Revenueest. ₹91.97 crore (US$14 million)
Apsara Film Producers Guild Awards (2016):
Best Actress In A Supporting Role - Tabu

BIG Star Entertainment Awards, India (2016):
Most Entertaining Actor in a Thriller Film (Female) - Tabu

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