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Dilwale (दिलवाले) 2015

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BannerRed Chillies Entertainment, Rohit Shetty Productions
DirectorRohit Shetty
WriterYunus Sajawal
ProducerGauri Khan, Rohit Shetty
Music DirectorPritam Chakraborty
Film EditingBunty Nagi
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersArjit Singh, Antara Mitra, Pritam, Amit Mishra, Anushka Manchanda, Kanika Kapoor, Neha Kakkar, Nakash Aziz, Siddharth Mahadevan, Benny Dayal
Character Actor/Actress
Raj / KaliShah Rukh Khan
Meera MalikKajol
VeerVarun Dhawan
IshitaKriti Sanon
Dev MalikKabir Bedi
KingBoman Irani
Oscar BhaiSanjay Mishra
Money BhaiJohnny Lever
Randheer BakshiVinod Khanna
ShaktiMukesh Tiwari
AnwarPankaj Tripathy
Murli Sharma
RaghavNawab Shah
SidhuVarun Sharma
Bulgarian GoonVlado Mihailov
Kaali's ManVineet Sharma
Shawar Ali
JoshuaPradeep Kabra
PatrickJahangir Khan
Chetan Pandit
JennyChetna Pande
Young VeerMitansh Lulla
Bulgarian GoonVladimir Mihailov
RobertSunil Rodrigues
PintooAvinash Ojha
Uncle JoeKamal Adib
Customer At The CafeYogesh Lakhani
PattrickKhan Jahangir Khan
Young IshitaStuti Dixit
TawdeAhmad Shaikh
King's DriverPeter Fernandes
Meera's MaidRajlaxmi
PeterKrishna Kotian
King's HenchmanNaushaad Abbas
DoctorSujit Sen
The movie begins in Goa, where Raj leaves his auto repair shop to confront Mani for stealing a man’s cell phone. Mani tells Raj that he is stealing it for his younger brother, whom he must care for after both of their parents died. While out driving, Veer sees a woman, Ishita, hitchhiking but refuses to pick her up. However, after he stops the car to urinate, she catches up with him, and he agrees to take her where she needs to go, damaging the car in his rush to get there. For penance, Raj forces Veer to work in the shop day and night. Veer’s friend Siddhu provides him with coffee so he can stay awake to fix the car. However, he falls asleep anyway and awakes to find that the car’s sound system has been stolen. Siddhu takes it to a pawn shop to sell it, having stolen the sound system while Veer was asleep.

The men of the local gang leader, King, try to sell drugs at a crab shack. Veer beats them up after they threaten Ishita. They then come back later to exact revenge on Veer, but Raj breaks up the fight. Raj’s men find him at the hospital where Veer is staying and tell him they know where to find King’s men. Raj goes to King's hideout, incapacitates the gang members, and burns their drug stash. Raj tells King’s men his gangster name, Kaali. King stops by Raj’s shop the next day to present a deal where Raj will fix all of King’s cars in exchange for protection.

The film then flashes back to Bulgaria. Raj is in a car chase with a rival gang, trying to make off with a container of gold, when he accidentally runs over a woman, Meera. When he gets out to help her, the rival gang catches up with him, and he has to leave. Later, Raj runs into Meera again, who works as a sketch artist. He reveals to her that he is a gangster, and that he is the son of Randhir Bakshi, the leader of the gang. Veer attends a boarding school where Raj only comes to visit once a month. Randhir and Raj talk about how Raj was adopted. Raj meets with Meera again, and she asks him to take care of some guys who are troubling her. She also asks him to celebrate her birthday with her the next day. He promises to take care of a job early and then meet her in the evening. The next day, Raj is engaged in a car chase. His car gets blown up and rolls over, trapping him inside. He is confronted by Meera, who he finds out is the daughter of the rival gang’s leader, Malik. She reveals that their entire relationship so far was designed so that Malik’s gang could have a chance to kill him. She holds a gun to his head, but she chooses to spare his life this time. Later, Raj gets a new car and engages in a car chase with Meera, eventually pushing her car to the edge of a cliff. He saves Meera from falling off the cliff, then tells her that the next time he sees her, he will kill her. Despite this warning, she later comes to his home and tells him that she loves him. At first he refuses to listen to her, but then he admits that he loves her, too. They make plans to tell their parents about their relationship.

The film quickly flashes back to Goa, where Veer discovers that Siddhu has been putting sleeping pills in Veer’s coffee so that he fell asleep on his shift, allowing Siddhu to steal items from the shop. Veer is upset, but Siddhu explains it is for his girlfriend, Jenny. They agree to help each other secure girlfriends. As a consequence, Veer reveals his feelings to Ishita. Upon finding out about their relationship, Raj wants to meet Ishita’s family. When Raj visits Ishita’s house, he discovers that Meera is Ishita’s older sister.

The film then quickly flashes back to Bulgaria, where Malik agrees to meet Randhir, but, secretly, he plans to kill him. The meeting breaks into a shootout, during which Malik shoots Randhir. Randhir then shoots Malik, and both men die. Raj holds Randhir and takes the gun out of his hand. Meera finds Raj and believes that he killed her father, for which she shoots Raj; however, he survives the gunshot. Both Meera and Raj decide to move far away from Bulgaria and start a new life.

The film is again in Goa, where Veer and Ishita come up with several plots to bring Meera and Raj together. As a side plot, Mani steals King’s car and brings it to the shop, where Veer discovers drugs in the trunk and decides to burn them. Ishita tells Raj that Meera has not forgotten her first love. King comes to Meera’s house one night, but Raj, as Kaali, shows up and stops them from causing her any harm. King asks Meera later if she knows Kaali, but she refuses to acknowledge their relationship.

Meera issues an ultimatum that in order to marry Ishita, Veer must move in with Meera. Meera also tells him that Raj is adopted and not his blood brother. Veer says that he loves Ishita, but he cannot abandon his brother. Raghav, one of Malik’s men, decides to tell Meera that Raj did not kill Malik, but that Malik had shot Randhir, who had shot Malik in return. Upon learning this, Meera tells Veer that he can marry Ishita and stay with Raj.

Siddhu and Jenny get married. King shows up at the wedding, having tracked down his stolen car, which is now being used as the bride and groom’s getaway car. King starts to cause a disturbance, but Raj beats him up. King then tries to shoot Raj, but accidentally shoots Meera. The gunshot doesn't turn out to be fatal.
Release Date18-December-2015
Budget₹100 crore (US$15 million)
Revenueest. ₹394 crore (US$59 million)
Screen Weekly Awards (2016):
Best Actor (Popular Choice) - Shah Rukh Khan

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