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Dhara 302 (धरा 302) 2016

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BannerSakshi Films
DirectorJitendra Singh Naruka
WriterJitendra Singh Naruka
ProducerBhawani Shankar Yogi
Music DirectorSahil Multy Khan
CinematographyDinesh Kumar
Film EditingRajesh Shah
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersJaved Ali , Avik Chatterjee
Character Actor/Actress
KarimPradeep Kabra
Veer SinghRufy Khan
BalramGulshan Pandey
Anurag BanaVicky Pandit
Chandar Bhanu SinghGagan Pradeep
KaranPrasad Saraswat
Jogi ThakurRohit Tada
GirirajPramod Veshanv
Dhara 302 is a story around a young men Veer Singh who was accidentally gone on the way of crime on the age of 12.Circumstances compel him to keep strolling on this way and he winds up turning into a big criminal. Be that as it may, his woman love kalpana makes him pick the right way. Be that as it may, does he figure out how to carry on with a cheerful life? will the general public acknowledge a man with a criminal past? Every such question are replied through the storyline.
Release Date26-February-2016

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