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Devathai (தேவதை) 1997

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BannerIndus Film Factory
Production executive
Production CompanyIndus Film Factory
Music Director Ilaiyaraja
Film EditingSuresh Urs
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Ilaiyaraja , Mohan, Gunasekaran, Karthik Raja, Janagaraj, Kavita Krishnamurthy,
S. Janaki , S.P.Balasubramanyam
CharacterActor / Actress
Keerthi Reddy
Keerthi's FatherJanagaraj
Thalaivasal Vijay
K.B. Mohan
The film centres around Shashanka, a dacoit who starts off as a Robin Hood type before lapsing into mass, and merciless, killings. He then falls in love with the daughter of one of his captives, only to be spurned. The dejected dacoit commits suicide. Years later, the girl is reborn in Dubai, grows up, falls in love and is on the verge of getting married when she makes a visit to India, to the family's ancestral home. Disturbing thoughts, hallucinations and meetings with a bearded man who is, though she doesn't know it just yet, Shashanka reborn, mark the visit. The rest of the story traces Shashanka's intentions of trying to convince the girl of their previous life characters.
Release date27-Jun-97
Awards: Unknown.


Music: Ilaiyaraja

1. Andam Kidukidungaaaa | அண்டம் கிடுகிடுங்கா     
Voice: Gunasekar

2. Deepangal Pesum | தீபங்கள் பேசும்     
Voice: Sandhya, S.P.Balasubramanyam ,Charan, Mohan K P

3. Engey En Kaadhali | எங்கே என் காதலி     
Voice: Karthik Raja

4. Kokkarakko Kozhi | கொக்கரக்கோ கோழி     
Voice: Janakaraj

5. Naalthorum | நாள்தோறும்     
Voice: Ilaiyaraja , Kavita Krishnamurthi

6. Oru Naal Andha Oru Naal | ஒரு நாள் அந்த ஒரு நாள்     
Voice: S. Janaki

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