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Chirutha (చిరుత) 2007

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BannerVyjayanthi Movies
DirectorPuri Jagannath
WriterPuri Jagannath
ProducerC. Ashwini Dutt
Music DirectorMani Sharma
CinematographyShyam K. Naidu
Film EditingSai Baba
Art DirectorM.R. Varma
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersDeepu, Rita , Tippu, Karunya , Ranjith, Geetha Madhuri , Mallikarjun , Kay Kay, Sunitha ,Usha, Suchitra, Rahul Nambiar
CharacterActor / Actress
CharanRam Charan Teja
NehaNeha Sharma
KarthikeyaPrakash Raj
Mattu BhaiAshish Vidhyarthi
JailorSayaji Shinde
Venkateswara RaoTanikella Bharani
VenuVenu Madhav
The basic theme for this movie is copied from English movie "swept away" released in 2002 , starring Madonna.

It's night time right now. Joe's an auto driver. Mattu Bhai (Asish Vidyarthi) murders a journalist, who wrote an article about Mattu Bhai doing a bad thing. One of Mattu Bhai's henchmen is Thomas. When Joe sees Mattu Bhai committing a murder, Joe manages to capture Mattu Bhai & Thomas. When the Police Officers show up, they manage to arrest Mattu Bhai & Thomas. Joe goes back to his house. Joe has a wife. Joe's son is Charan(Ram Charan Teja). Joe's wife is worried because Mattu Bhai might attack Joe for revenge. Unfortunately, Mattu Bhai & his henchmen break into Joe's house. Mattu Bhai & Thomas broke out of prison or a lawyer bailed Mattu Bhai & Thomas out of prison. Mattu Bhai stabs Joe's wife & Mattu Bhai kills Joe. They left their only son, Charan, alive. Charan's mother is in a critical condition because Mattu Bhai stabbed her really hard. Charan's uncle is Billy. Charan & Billy don't have enough money to pay for her mother operation at the hospital. His uncle local mafia, who's son(of Charan's age) has killed someone. Charan has no other choice but to go to jail for a crime committed by someone else because Charan needs money to pay for her mother operation at the hospital.

12 years later, Charan gets released from prison. When Charan meets his uncle again, Charan finds out that his mohter died. Charan also falls in love with Sanjana(Neha Sharma). Sanjana lives with her father(Prakash Raj). Officer Ajay (Sayaje Shinde) helps Charan get a passport. Charan plans to go to Bangkok to join a travel agency recommended by his uncle. Sanjana and her friends arrive in Bangkok as tourists. Charan's one of the tour guides. Charan seems to be irritable around Sanjana. Biku & his henchmen are bothering Sanjana. Charan saves Sanjana by attacking Biku and his henchmen. Few days later, Biku & his henchmen see Sanjana again. Charan has to fight Biku & his henchmen again. Charan & Sanjana use a water bike to escape. They get stuck in middle of the sea when their water bike runs out of gas. When Sanjana wakes up, Sanjana sees an island that is little far away. Charan & Sanjana have to swim to the island.

Charan tells Sanjana that he loves her. Sanjana's father & the other people believe that Sanjana's is kidnapped by Charan as they find out Charan was in prison for 12 years. He arranges helicopters to search for Sanjana. Charan sees one helicopter in the sky, but Sanjana doesn't want anyone to find them. Sanjana tells Charan that she loves him too and her father would never let her marry Charan. Charan loves Sanjana, but Charan didn't expect Sanjana to fall in love with him. He reveals that he came to Bangkok to kill Mattu Bhai. Charan found out that Mattu Bhai's a notorious international criminal with network in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and other places has shifted base to Bangkok. Charan tells Sanjana that Bikku's none other than Mattu Bhai's son. In Bangkok, Charan tried to kill Mattu Bhai at bar, but Mattu Bhai escaped & Mattu Bhai stopped coming to Bangkok. By the time Charan finishes telling his foiled plot to kill Mattu Bhai, a lot of guys in black robes and black suits come and then a fight starts. Just then the Sanjana's father comes in a helicopter. Seeing her dad she runs to him and tells him not to hit Charan as he did not kidnap her but saved her. At first the heroine's father tells to leave him, and the goons leave him, but when the Shanjana tells him that she wants him and loves him, her father tells the goons to kill him. The goons hit the Charan on the head and he falls down and they go away. Then a member of the company for which Charan works searching for him on a boat finds him and takes him back. A hot argument takes place between the Sanjana and her father and she runs away to Charan.

Then Sanjana's father calls the Charan and tells him that his mother is still alive. His unlce lied to Charan that his mother died. Sanjana's father will trade Charan's mother for Sanjana. Charan takes Sanjana to a building where he tells her that he is going to trade her for his mother. He tells her that she has her father, but his mother has no one except him. Sanjana's father comes and takes her and gives Charan his mother back who was grateful to him.

Meanwhile Mattu Bhai sees the pictures of Charan and Sanjana on television, which was the effort of the Sanjana's father to find her, and recognizes Charan as the person who tried to kill him. He tells Biku to kidnap Sanjana and Biku does the same when the exchange of Sanjana and Charan's mother goes. In the process gunfire takes place where all the men of the Sanjana's father get shot. Charan also retaliates with a gun and kills some of Biku's men, but Biku gets away with Sanjana. Sanjana's father gets shot in the leg, and in emotion tells Charan, he saw how much he loves his mother and screams, someone is taking away your wife, go and get her. Leaving Sanjana's father in the care of his mother, Charan runs after Biku's car, but fails to get him. One of Biku's men get to him and give him a phone, where he talks with Mattu Bhai. The goon takes Charan with hands tied to an island where Mattu and Biku are there.

Matuu Bhai without killing him and Sanjana as suggested by his son Biku, lets them away saying he would hunt them. But Charan kills all the men of Mattu and finally kills Mattu's son. And using his body Charan lures Mattu into his trap. Then he kills Mattu Bhai, in the same way he killed his father. This is when Mattu Bhai recognizes who Charan is.
Release date28-September-2007
Budget$ 17 crore
Revenue$ 20 crore
Maria GonzalvesMadhurima Banerjee
Shakti Kapoor
BulbulPratima Kazmi
PedroRazak Khan
SamNana Patekar
DavidOm Puri
Peter GonzalvesParesh Rawal
Anjana Sukhani
JohnnyShreyas Talpade
DoctorDinyar Tirandaz
PintoNeeraj Vora

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