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Chilakapachha Kapuram (చిలకపచ్చ కాపురం) 1995


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BannerDivya Art Pictures
DirectorKodi Ramakrishna
WriterM. S. Madhu
ProducerC. Surendra Raju
Music DirectorVidya Sagar
CinematographyKodi Lakshman
Film EditingTata Suresh
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSP.Balasubramanyam, Janaki, Suba
Gopala KrishnaJagapathi Babu
BullabbaiCharan Raj
Giri Babu
The film begins with the dispute between two persons Parasuramaiah (Mukka Narasimha Rao) & Bullabbai (Charan Raj) in a village. Both of them are own brothers-in-law and important persons in the village. Gopala Krishna (Jagapati Babu) runs a boat on the river (Godavari) adjoining to the village, is liked by each and every person on the village including Parasuramaiah & Bullabbai and he tries make both the families together. Satyavathi (Soundarya) daughter of Parasuramaiah is the childhood friend of Gopala Krishna and she loves him very deeply, but he treats her as friend only. Meanwhile, Bullabbai brings a girl Radha (Meena) from the city to keep her as a prostitute. Gopala Krishna likes her in first sight itself. Radha leads a cloistered life and does not visit anyone expect Gopala Krishna to take care of her welfare. Both of them gets closer and starts loving each other. Synchronously Gopala Krishna’s mother Ramulamma (Subha) comes to know regarding Satyavathi’s love, when she goes to ask the bride Parasuramaiah insults her very badly and throws her out, for that she commits suicide. After knowing this Gopala Krishna revolts on Parasuramaiah and when tries to kill him his Parasuramaiah wife (Annapurna) obstructs his way and he leaves him for her sake.
Parasuramaiah wants to take revenge against Gopala Krishna, so he bands together with Bullabbai. Both of them tries to Gopala Krishna and beats him very badly when Gopala Krishna is taking is last his breadth Radha comes to his protection and saves him. After the recovery, Gopala Krishna asks her regarding her past then she reveals it. Radha is a middle-class woman when her mother is in a series situation, Bullabbai took the advantage and brought her to the village. But she keeps dodging him and keeps herself chaste. Listening to this Gopala Krishna decides to marry Radha. Meanwhile, Parasuramaiah also changes when Satyavathi tries to commit suicide and agrees to make her marriage with Gopala Krishna. At the same time, Bullabbai tries to thwart them. But he is mobbed by the villagers and is beat-up. Finally, Gopala Krishna & Radha joins together and Satyavathi sacrifices her love.
Release Date7-February-1995

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